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Tempurpedic Rhapsody Cool Breeze Memory Foam vs Latex Natural Foam Rubber Mattress

I recently purchased Tempurpedic Rhapsody Cool Breeze. The odor makes me nauseous even after airing it out for one week and sleeping elsewhere.

Tried to sleep on it last night and after one hour eyes started itching, face burning, and throat scratchy. Dr.says I have

sensitivity to the foam/chemicals. I can exchange it for another bed
but dont know what I should look at now. Suggestions? Also, I want a bed that doesnt make me feel as if I am sleeping in a hole which my old stearns and foster did.

Did they tell you that the Tempurpedic Rhapsody Cool Breeze

would not cause you to sleep in a hole?

They lied.

Did they tell you that memory foam is made of 61 chemicals, some of which are toxic? No?

Did they tell you that those toxic chemicals off gas and make you sick? I’ll bet they left that part out of their sales pitch,
Did they tell you that it’s the best mattress on the market?…that it will do all sorts of wonderful things for you? They lied about that too. 
You bought the absolute worst mattress you possibly could.
You bought a mattress that is incredibly dangerous. In much the same way that Monsanto poisons our food supply, memory foam poisons your bedroom.
You aren’t alone. It isn’t that you have a sensitivity, as though you were different.
Most people are sickened in one way or another from the off gassing of memory foam’s toxic chemicals.
Memory foam is the absolute worst material ever invented for use in or as a mattress.
Let me guess, this is the first you’re hearing this?!

(For those of you who know about this, and sell it anyway…push it, let me remind you that Karma is a bitch and you will find that out personally, and in spades.)
In a world where there is no room for poisoning our food, water and air, there is no room for memory foam, which is just as poisonous.

Since you’ve already been sold on what memory foam promised it would do, let me introduce you to Latex natural foam rubber….no chemicals, and none of the other negative side effects that plague memory foam. 
Latex does everything that memory foam promises, does them a whole lot better and a whole lot longer. 
Latex has been the best you can buy since the 1920s. There has never been any dispute about that. Memory foam is worthless and millions are spent, feeding you worthless hype.
Latex and memory foam are the antithesis of one another…polar opposites.
Here’s a link to the undisputed best of them…the premier manufacturer for the past 60 years.
Pure LatexBLISS


Thanks, Pete

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