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Latex ~ The Best You Can Buy

Those of us at “The Mattress Expert” promote superior quality products.

For Value…A Dollar Well Spent…there’s no substitute for quality.

Since the 1920’s, latex has been “The Best You Can Buy”.

There has never been a product to come close to the performance of latex.


Natural Latex Foam starts as the sap from the rubber tree. It’s whipped into a foam and poured into a mold. It’s heated. Some are flash frozen. It’s then thoroughly washed, where all of the allergen, (the protein), is removed. The end result is a natural, eco-friendly; hypo-allergenic; mold, mildew and mite resistant; super supportive; plenty comfy; extremely resilient…and unbelievably long lasting mattress.


Over the past several years, latex has become increasingly more and more popular. The reason is thanks to memory foam. Millions upon millions of dollars have been spent to promote memory foam. Comprised of 61 chemicals, (many of them, toxic), memory foam is relatively cheap to make. And yet, many of you have spent thousands of dollars to buy one of these miracle mattresses, only to be sorely disappointed.


Latex is expensive because it’s expensive to make…time consuming and labor intensive. The price of a latex mattress has everything to do with sheer quality and nothing to do with mass media marketing, as does memory foam. Latex’s popularity has a lot to do with memory foam. Once you were convinced to spend tons of money on memory foam, the switch to latex is a natural next step. Once you know about latex and compare it to memory foam, you’ll know that you are comparing the best to the worst….what works to what doesn’t….real quality to mere hype.


We are pleased to be able to offer you, three different lines of natural latex mattresses.

For the past sixty years, thee premier manufacturer of Talalay latex is Latex International. Besides providing the latex needs for countless companies around the world, Latex International showcases their own line of latex mattresses…”pure LatexBliss”

These would be the finest Talalay Latex anywhere in the world. Shown Here:



We also offer innovation. “Reverie Latex” is completely different, in design, from anything else you’ve seen. Latex cylinders provide the ability to replace cylinders to accommodate your body’s changing needs with age and physical condition. The cylindrical design adds to motion transfer reduction and is lower in price. Shown Here:



Much of Europe sleeps on a plain 6″ slab of natural Dunlop latex. We are pleased to offer this to you, as well. This bare bones approach to this high quality product is in an effort to make latex affordable to the masses. This “EverEden” brand is also available with a 2″ layer of Talalay latex for a very nice sleeping surface. I have one of these at home. It’s an excellent value, compared to any mattress. Shown Here:



Make the switch to Latex and discover the quality you were promised.


Even those of you who own or buy innerspring mattresses, can benefit from the feel and durability of latex.

Forget the pillowtop. It will lose its shape in no time. Within months of buying a pillowtop mattress, you will see your body impressions forming...within only a few month’s time. Remember when mattresses lasted 10 to 20 years? No more. Today’s innersprings have, at best, a five year life span. Instead buying a problem waiting to happen, opt for the firmer version of the mattress you like, without the pillowtop.

Add to that a 2″ soft Talalay Latex removable pillow topper. Not only will it be more comfortable, it’ll last a whole lot longer…providing comfort that will last 10 years. What’s more, latex is extremely resilient. It absorbs much of your body weight, leaving less work for the mattress under it. A latex mattress topper will extend the life of your mattress by double. It’s the best money you can spend. The premium reaped for the money spent is off the charts.

Many people who come to me thinking they need a new mattress, are able to put off that purchase for years…with the purchase of a latex mattress topper. And, when the day comes that you must buy a new mattress, that same topper will be used with it.


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