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Organic, Chemical Free, All-Natural Latex Mattress

Jolene writes:

I need a queen size mattress set
I am five feet four and 185 pounds
I sleep on side , pressure points bother me
I sleep hot, so I need heat taken away from  the mattress
I do not like a firm mattress but………..
I would love an organic latex mattress:) no chemicals but I guess that is impossible
Thanks, Jolene


Hi Jolene,

Over the course of 2012, we received a number of requests like yours…for a chemical free mattress. We are pleased to have acquired such a mattress to offer you.

It’s an all natural, chemical free latex mattress with an organic cotton cover.

The 8″ model, which includes a 2″ “soft” Talalay latex top, is the one best suited for your needs.

Shown here.



With that mattress, use a Pragma bed base, which sells for only $200 in Queen Size.



The Pragma Bed™ base provides you with more space than many other beds out there. It sits 14″ off the ground, creating 21.875 cubic feet of storage space per twin bed frame. Pragma Bed™ bases do not require a box spring. The Pragma Bed™ bed base is engineered with heavy-duty wire mesh, which serves as a complete mattress support system that will not bend or sag over time. Our bed bases provide a flat, sturdy, squeak-free base for your new mattress.


Thanks, Pete

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