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Natura Comforters

Classic All Season Bed Comforter

Ease into healthy slumber with the Classic All Sea5on Comforter. This medium weight comforter provides an eco-yummy way to stay cozy without overheating. Sound luxurious? Of course it is – it’s Natura.

The Classic All Season Comforter enfolds you in the healthy embrace of all-natural cotton and wool. A cozy 3.65 lb NaturaWool™ layer wicks away moisture to keep bedding fresh and temperature regulated, no matter the season. This cotton comforter provides a dry sleep environment that diminishes nighttime allergens for a restful, sniffle free night’s rest. The soothing, 100% cotton cover is quilted to eliminate shifting and hollow spots, for constant, delicious comfort.

Size Price
Full $253.00

Washable Wool Comforter

Enjoy the easy care and pristine clean of the Washable Wool Comforter. Plump and cozy with the natural goodness of wool and cotton, this comforter shelters you for a gentle trip to renewed vitality – a great night’s rest.

The Washable Wool Comforter ensures a wholesome sleep environment while keeping you deliciously cozy. Your bedding stays dry and warm without overheating, courtesy the plush helping of Natura Smart Wash Wool™. Wool also halts the spread of dust-mites, bacteria and other allergens to banish night-time coughs and sniffles and invite deeper, healthier rest. Worry free laundering with a quick toss in the washing machine and dryer keeps this comforter pristine and germ free. A delectably soft, 100% cotton sateen cover of this plump and cozy bed comforter lulls you to sweeter, healthier dreams.


Natura Sleep Envelope

Solve the “I’m hot, she’s not” struggles in your bed. Our Natura Sleep Envelope™ creates a cozy, hypoallergenic and temperature regulated nest to naturally tend to the individual comfort needs of bed sharing couples.

Our Natura Sleep Envelope™ creates a deliciously comfortable, unquestionably healthy sleep retreat for two. A lush helping of pure Natura Smart Wash Wool™ both above and beneath you, wicks away the moisture that causes overheating for some, chills for others – so bedding remains fresh, dry and comfortably warm.

Begin with a NaturaProtect Deluxe Mattress Protector, an anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic barrier courtesy a thin coating of Natura Silver Technology. The plush Natura Smart Wash Wool lining buffers pressure points to reduce tossing and turning, which lets you enjoy a better night’s sleep. It’s 100% waterproof, which protects your mattress from spills and stains and guarantees your mattress warranty.

Cover yourself with the Washable Wool Comforter. Wrapped in 100% cotton and filled with Natura Smart Wash Wool, moisture is wicked away so you and your partner can enjoy temperature-regulated comfort. Wool can take in and quickly release 35% of its weight in moisture without feeling wet to the touch – synthetics, less than 5%.

Size Price
Twin XL$561.00

Organic Wool-Filled Bed Comforter

Submerge yourself in the pure luxury of organic with the Organic Wool Filled Comforter. Pair the promise of a fresh, chemical and off-gassing free breathing environment with the comfort of plush wool and soothing cotton, when wrapped in this wholesome indulgence.

The Organic Wool-filled Comforter ensures a chemical and off-gassing free breathing environment with the finest organic materials. This breathable bed comforter has a generous helping of certified Natura Grow Wool ™ that wicks away moisture to regulate temperature and keeps bedding dry. This dry environment naturally repels allergens, to halt night-time sniffles and coughs. Free of harmful chemicals, toxins and off-gassing, you slumber in a breathing environment as pure as nature intended. The silken, certified organic Pima cotton sateen cover gently soothes skin and begs to be cuddled and caressed.


Natura Mattress Pads

Reversible Wool on Top Mattress Pad

The Reversible Wool on Top Mattress Pad delivers a cozy, soothing surface for a delicious nights rest. The insulating exposed NaturaWool layer regulates temperature and controls moisture for a fresh, dry sleep environment. Tame late-night restlessness with the pressure-buffering advantage of a pure and natural woolmattress protector. Features durable elastic corner straps to keep pad secured to the mattress, so you can sleep easy.

Wool Filled Pad
Fleecy, 1-1/4″ exposed wool pile top
2.65 lbs cotton fill
Unbleached cotton blend backing
Elastic corner straps for a secure fit

TwinTwin XLFullQueenKing/Cal King

Washable Wool Mattress Topper

Invest in bedtime comfort with the Natura Washable Wool Topper. A plush serving of cozy wool and silken cotton adds up to increased health and comfort. That’s something you can take to the bank.

The Natura Washable Wool Topper gives your mattress a new lease on life. A plump layer of pure, virgin wool between sheets and mattress wicks away moisture for dry, temperature-regulated bedding. Wool also buffers sensitive pressure points to relieve late-night tossing and turning. Worried about washing? Don’t be. Our Smart Wash Wool™ can be machined washed and dried. Covered in 100% cotton sateen for a fresh, breathable sleep surface night after night, you’ll savor this breathable mattress topper’s easy boost to bedtime health and comfort.

Wool Topper
4.17 lbs Natura Smart Wash Wool™ fill
White 100% cotton sateen cover
Machine wash/dry

Twin Twin XlFullQueenKing/Cal King

Organic Wool-Filled Mattress Pad

Claim sanctuary with the Organic Wool-Filled Mattress Pad. Certified organic cotton and wool shelter you in a chemical and off-gassing free sleep environment while they create such blissful, wholesome comfort it’s almost a sin.

The Organic Wool-Filled Mattress Pad creates a nourishing, protective layer between your bedding and mattress. Lush Natura Grow Wool™ fill offers the wholesome goodness of certified 100% organic wool to wick away moisture and maintain temperature comfort. Wool also buffers pressure points to ease tension and stress from muscles and joints. Covered in certified 100% organic cotton sateen, the soothing touch of this mattress pad invites you to skip the sheets and just cuddle up. And this all-natural mattress pad is 100% chemical-free. Sound opulent? That’s because it is.

Organic Wool Fitted Pad
Free of chemicals, pesticides and dyes
10 oz./yd² Natura Grow Wool™ fill
100% Organic cotton sateen cover

Twin Twin XlFullQueenKing/Cal King

NaturaProtect Deluxe Mattress Protector

Employ the ultimate in hypoallergenic, antibacterial protection with the NaturaProtect™ Deluxe Mattress Protector. The natural components in this quilted mattress pad provide a soulful trio of health, comfort and convenience.

The NaturaProtect™ Deluxe Mattress Protector combines eco-yummy comfort with a wholesome, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial barrier. When placed between your mattress and bedding this hypoallergenic mattress protector guards against dust-mites, mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria with a thin Natural Silver barrier. The Natura Smart Wash Wool™ lining buffers sensitive pressure points for reduced tossing and turning and deeper, more restorative sleep. It also wicks away moisture to keep bedding fresh, dry and temperature-regulated. Covered in a soft all-natural cotton top for silken comfort and a delectable boost to bedtime comfort.

Mattress Protector
100% waterproof, washable barrier
Anti-microbial, hypoallergenic safeguard
Natura Smart Wash woolTM lining
Natural Silver TechnologyTM in top cotton layer

CribTwin Twin XlFullQueenKing/Cal KingSplit Queen


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