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Therapedic Two Sided, Flippable Mattresses

Two Sided Beds Are back!!!!!

Tired of spending big bucks on mattresses that feel great in the store, only to be disappointed with their comfort and longevity after only a few months?

What happened to those great mattresses of years passed? You know the ones I mean… the ones that continued to feel great and provide you with a great nights sleep for years and years.

Those mattresses were made in a time when mattress makers competed with one another by trying to make a better product, which hasn’t been so for far too long. It’s been quite a few years since two sided beds have been readily available. This has been so, in part, because of cost…in part. Because the industry, as a whole, wants you, the consumer, to return to the market to buy a mattress more frequently then when mattresses really lasted 10-20 years. The, so called, name brands are happy with this current arrangements.

So, in order to be able to offer you a selection of high quality, two sided mattresses, we turned to a very old & trusted mattresses company. Since 1905, the Eclipse-Therapedic Mattress Company has been a leading manufacturer of quality bedding. They have now outdone themselves…and every other mattress brand, as well.

We are proud to bring you a line of mattresses that are atop the leader board in every major category of bedding. Choose from “plush” or “cushion firm”, with your choice of 3 different coil systems…each made with the highest quality materials and each two sided and flippable! For the ultimate in long lasting luxury, we offer a “plush plus” all natural latex mattress. Each of our 7 models are finished in a rich organic cover.

Maximize your investment…flip and rotate your mattress for extraordinary longevity and comfort!

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Therapedic Keepsake Collection “Cameo”

The Cameo uses a double off-set interlocked coil system for a more rigid support than the contouring support provided by the individually pocketed coil units. This type of support is more advantageous to those of you who sleep on your back and stomachs…and for those of you with severe spinal issues. Available in Plush or Cushion Firm. If you’re considering an interlocked coil system by any other brand, consider the Therapedic Keepsake Cameo….using a similar coil system with the added longevity of being a Two-Sided Flippable Mattresses.

Click on the item you want for pricing and specifications.

Model TypeTwinFullQueen King/Cal King
Cameo PlushClick to ViewSet$1099.00$1299.00$1399.00$1799.00
Mattress Only$999.00$1099.00$1199.00$1499.00
Cameo FirmClick to ViewSet$1099.00$1299.00$1399.00$1799.00
Mattress Only$999.00$1099.00$1199.00$1499.00

The Medi-Coil Ultimate Permatuft is as retro as they come…a fully tufted mattress using large, heavy coils…a mattress for the ages. Remember when a 15 year warranty meant that the mattress would actually last that long? Now, there’s no need to only remember. You can own such a mattress again! The firm model is made using the heaviest of coil units. It is upholstered with two insulator pads and topped off with high density poly foam. It’s then covered in a rich, organic knit damask ticking with the entire unit tufted for maximum support and durability. The plush model is made so by adding a 2” layer of soft, all talalay latex for a more luxurious feel that will remain comfortable & supportive for many years. These mattresses are expressly made two sided for maximum life. Proper flipping and rotating will ensure their intended longevity. They were designed to out-perform any and all one sided mattresses on the market today. The quality of these mattresses surpasses anything else…at any price. If you are a large person and have had trouble finding a mattress that will last and retain its original comfort, with The Therapdic Medi-Coil Two-sided Flippable and Fully Tufted Mattresses, you’re going to love the way you sleep for many years!

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Therapedic ”Medi Coil Ultimate Permatuft”

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Click on the item you want for pricing and specifications.

Model TypeTwinFullQueenKing/Cal. King
Medi-Coil Permatuft FirmClick To ViewSet$1199.00$1599.00$1699.00$2199.00
Mattress Only$1099.00$1399.00$1499.00$1899.00
Medi-Coil Permatuft Plush w/latexClick to ViewSet$1399.00$1799.00$1899.00$2399.00
Mattress Only$1299.00$1599.00$1699.00$2099.00

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Add extra comfort and longevity to your mattress with a removable Latex Pillow Topper


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