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And, freedom, is a part of what this blog and I are about…your freedom and mine.
Notice, there are no advertisements on this, or on any of my other blogs.
I am bound, only,  by my own unique sense of how this business should be conducted.
You’ll likely find communicating with me, to be a different experience…a good one, by and large, but so different enough, at times, to be seen as a bit too direct.  As you browse through the posts on this blog, you’ll see that the direct approach is sometimes necessary. Throughout the mattress industry, there is a tremendous amount of information that is intentionally misleading. This information is delivered to you by salespeople who are poorly trained, for the most part. The result of processing that information,  is a consumer who is thoroughly confused. Persuading a person to forget everything they think they have learned during months of shopping and research, isn’t always easy…and I’m not getting any younger.
The advice you seek, is given freely. There are no strings attached. You are free to consider it, in part or in whole, disregard it all together…and, go on your own way in peace.
You are free to trust that the advice is sound, understanding that it was delivered to you by one who truly puts your needs before profit, with the experience and the expertise to make a good night’s sleep happen for you….and have the trust to buy what I recommend for you.
Naturally, I prefer that you make your purchase through us. After all, your patronage is how we make our living…and, we appreciate your business.
A mattress is a blind item. So, it comes down this. You are going to have to trust someone.
Who do you trust?
I hope you enjoy reading,
Peter Cancelli, The Mattress Expert

Thanks, Pete

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