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A Real and Permanent Solution to Sleeping Hot on any Mattress

One of the most commons complaints is about sleeping hot.

The biggest offender on the subject is memory foam…a temperature sensitive material that absorbs your body’s heat and reflects it back to you.
The trend to softer, pillowtop mattresses is also a main contributor.
With so many mattresses using memory foam and retail showrooms a sea of pillowtops, it’s hard to avoid.
But, whether due to the memory foam, pillowtops or a menopausal life cycle, sleeping hot is a real problem for many.
And, for many couples, there is a disagreement as to the sleeping temperature of the room. Well, argue about it no more.

Introducing: The Chili Pad…the latest technology that allows you to regulate the temperature of your mattress.
Chili technology allows each of you to set the temperature of your side of the mattress…and easily change that setting at will, without getting out of bed. It’s thee must have accessory to your mattress set….and a permanent solution to Sleeping Hot.




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  1. This Chili Pad would definitely be perfect with orthopedic mattresses which can benefits a good night sleep.
    Endorsed by Tampa Mattress.



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