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Latex toppers, Simmons Beautyrest Black mattresses

Latex toppers, Simmons Beautyrest Black mattresses

Hi Pete,

Still doing my research and had a couple questions, if you don’t mind:

  1. Latex Toppers –  I’m sleeping on my son’s 2″ soft latex topper purchased here and it makes me hot (possibly because it is dunlop and not talalay?),  I’m looking for the coolest talalay, “soft” firmness 2″ topper possible, is the pure latex bliss below any different (better for my needs of coolness, softness and support) than your standard talalay below, such as ILD rating, topper manufacture process etc..will one of these 2 be cooler than the hot thing I’m sleeping on now?:
    1. Your standard Talalay Latex Toppers (2″ queen $349) here:  https://themattressexpert.com/all-about-latex.html     OR
    2. Pure Latex Bliss Natural Talalay ($499):  https://themattressexpert.com/pure-latexbliss.html
  2. Mattresses – I’ve honed it down (trying to find places to try them locally) between BeautyRest Black Abriana Extra Firm, Ansleigh either Luxury or Plush Firm with one of the latex toppers above.   I’m fairly confident I need the 13.5″ coils, I’m a “dense” build and believe I need the pushback of the stronger coil (and therefore probably not the ansleigh plush/firm).
    1. It looks to me and just seeking your confirmation that the only differences between these 3 mattresses are:
      1. Abrianna vs. Ansleigh – Abriana has 1.5″ of engergyfoam vs. 2″ of comfortfoam in the Ansleigh.    Not sure what the difference in these foams are or the net effect, other than .5″ less in Abrianna and I presume “firmer”, is it just a feel thing?   And the only other difference seems to be the coil gauge is 14.75 in the Ansleigh plush/firm vs. the 13.5 in the other two.

Last question (probably a stupid one, but thought I’d ask, I’m sure it is a P.O.S but…), would the BeautyRest Kalida Firm, 13.75 ga coils, 800 coil count, achieve my same need for firmness as the Black line, by the specs they seem quite similar?


Hi Pete,
Half of the coils in the Black models are made of triple strand wire, which is much stronger than the 13.75 gauge wire. Also, the padding is much higher grade in the Black than in the 800 coil Classic models.
Simmons Pocketed Cable Coil

Simmons Pocketed Cable Coil

The topper you have for your son and the PureBliss topper are the same. They are “natural” latex, comprised of 70% natural and 30% synthetic latex.
The toppers on our accessories page and this one from PureBliss are the same.
They are” all-natural”….100% natural latex.
Pure LatexBLISS

Pure LatexBLISS

Thanks, Pete

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