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Sealy Posturepedic Maple Downs Mattress

Julie writes:
I am hoping you can help me out. I am in desperate need of a new mattress as the one I have is over 15 years old. It was a great mattress, from the Original Mattress Factory which is a Cleveland, Ohio chain. It is extra thick, but not a pillow-top. I am terrified of mattress buying as it an investment of sorts. Here is my problem. I recently ( 8 months ago) had lower back surgery to fix a herniated disk between my L5-S1. My mattress is so old and saggy in the middle that it cause me to be stiff and sore and compresses the lower back causing some residual issues. I also sleep with a blanket wedged under my hips to keep the spine straight. I am worried about buying the wrong mattress and being suck with it. However, I was visiting friends recently and slept on a Serta PosturePedic Maple Downs mattress. The mattress was on a 4 inch thick box spring and the entire set was sitting right on the floor. There was no bed frame. I had not slept so well in years. The only thing was, it may have been a little too soft. Now, I am a side/stomach sleeper due to the surgery, as lying on my back usually causes compression in the spine. However, with this mattress, I found my self waking up having slept on by back with no issues whatsoever. I do not believe Serta makes the Maple Downs anymore, but was hoping you could point me to something similar and slightly more supportive, but still soft. I am not looking for the Holy Grail of Mattresses, just something that will last awhile and provide good support. Also, do you recommend setting the bed directly on the floor?
Thanks so much, Julie

Hi Julie,
The reason for the bed frame is to hold the mattress and boxspring at a convenient height for getting in and out. Frames were originally designed to hold a mattress and boxspring that, together, measured 14" high. Today, many of the mattress measure 14" all by themselves.
The use of a frame is only necessary when also using a headboard. Otherwise it's an archaic piece of apparatus. My wife and I have our mattress and boxspring on the floor without a frame and the height of it is just fine for getting in and out.

As an aside, we have a king turned in the opposite direction as was intended. There are benefits to having your king mattress set turned this way. 1) you have more width. 2) the edges of the boxspring run side to side, providing better support to the heaviest parts of our bodies. 3) the center of the mattress doesn't develop a "hump", as it would with the bed turned lengthwise.

Sealy makes the Posturepedic. Serta makes the Perfect Sleeper. 
However, either way, you were sleeping on an interlocking coil unit....which is better for supporting your type of back problem.
That said, I would direct you to the Sealy Posture Promo line. They are a better value than the Posturepedics. Specifically, the model called Debonaire Plush is what I would choose for you.
While called "plush", it's more of a medium feel than soft. It's very well made and you can feel how substantial it is. If necessary, the surface feel can be adjusted by adding a latex topper, which will also extend the life of the mattress by absorbing most of your body weight. The latex toppers come in a choice of comfort...soft, medium, firm.
Here are links to that mattress and to the toppers.

Sealy Posture Promo Debonaire Plush

Sealy Posture Promo Debonaire Plush

Sealy Posture Promo Debonaire Plush

Latex topper

Latex topper


Thanks, Pete

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