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Talalay latex mattress topper to help alleviate upper back, shoulder, and neck pain

Sarah writes:
I am thinking of purchasing a talalay latex mattress topper to help alleviate upper back, shoulder, and neck pain, which gets much worse when laying in bed. I have a very firm mattress with a memory foam topper. The firm mattress seems to keep my mid and lower back in good shape, but it is painful on my upper back and shoulders. The memory foam topper is extremely uncomfortable. I have a lot of trigger points, muscle spasms, and cervical strain. I currently use latex pillows and like the feel of them. I sleep on my sides (until arm pain wakes me up) and on my back. I was wondering if the latex topper is a good idea to alleviate pain, and if so, whether I should get the 2" soft as has been recommended to others on your site, or if the 3" would be better.
Thank you, Sarah

Hi Sarah,
You'll find a latex topper to be the antithesis of memory foam...the difference between what works and what doesn't...the difference between long lasting comfort and worthless piece of foam.
The latex pillow, you have, is the answer to your neck pain. Use it to keep your head and neck aligned with your spine. This alignment is the key to reducing inflammation. 
A Soft Talalay latex topper is what to choose. The question is the thickness. For most people...people of average or above average weight, the 2" is the right choice.
The 3" is used for those who are very light in weight...petite, about 100 pounds.
Here is the link to the toppers. You can order on line. Delivery is free and there's no sales tax.
Latex topper

Latex topper


Thanks, Pete

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