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Latex mattress topper delivered to Canada

Ric writes:

 How are the toppers shipped? Flat, rolled, folded?
How long would the talalay likely last? We have a platform frame with a three year old Sealy Posturpedic Sterling Waterfall firm. We are both suffering from lower back and joint aches and pains. We weigh 165 and 137 lbs. Would your product likely help us? Thank you. Ric
Hi Ric,
The topper will do a nice job of relieving the pressure points and making the entire surface feel much more comfortable. The toppers come folded in a box that is approx. 14″ x 14″ x 30″.
Thanks for getting back so quickly.
We live in Ontario Canada so I assume there would be sales tax and maybe duty charge at the border. Any idea how much the total would be?
We have a king size mattress so does the 2″ topper also come folded to 14″x 14″ x 30″?
Hi Ric,
The toppers are US made. Per the NAFTA agreement, there should be no charges. We ship toppers via UPS to Canada regularly. Not once have I heard about tax or duty being charged.
King is in a box that measures 14″ x 14″ x 39″

You can order on-line. There are no additional charges for delivery. A king 2″ Talalay all-natural latex topper is $449.99

Latex topper

Latex topper


Thanks, Pete

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