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Serta Perfect Sleeper Milleneum mattress

Ellen writes:
I'm interested in ordering a mattress or mattress/latex topper from you. Really like your website and good
 information, thanks so much! I talked to someone there today, I think it may have been Peter himself. I 
think I was so excited  to be talking to him personally haha that I scribbled down what he told me and can't
 quite read my writing. So I'll explain my situation again if you don't mind emailing me your recommendations,
 thank you. We have a Queen size 10 year old Serta Perfect Sleeper Milleneum Prestige Pillow Soft that we 
need to replace. We want a California king (bigger for our newly adopted shelter dog that likes sleeping with
 us). My husband won't want one that needs to be flipped, so I've narrowed it down to a Stearns and Foster 
(Luxury or Estate??) or Beautyrest Black.    I am 5 ft 5 and weigh 190 lbs; hubby is 5 ft. 9 and weighs about 
185 lbs. I am a side sleeper; he is a stomach sleeper. I like plush; he likes medium firm to plush. neither of 
us have health issues, so thankful after reading your customer's really tough health problems, though my husband 
does have mild sore back issues. My biggest concern with the S & F Is that the Firm will be too firm for me, 
even with the 2 inch soft latex topper. We live in Iowa,   so there's no way to try these out; I'm just researching
 very carefully and I do trust  your advice. Thank you again for answering my question twice 
Sincerely, Ellen

Hi Ellen,
That was me, you spoke to earlier.
The mattress can’t be so soft that it won’t support you weight.
This is the problem with softer mattresses. They lose their shape so quickly because the materials
used don’t hold up. Latex, on the other hand, holds up very well.
This isn’t an exact science. And it may be that the Heidi Luxury Firm with the 2″ soft latex topper,
won’t be soft enough for you. Neither of us have a way to gauge that.
It won’t be too soft for your husband and it will be enough support for both of you.
The beauty of all this is that you can always make the mattress softer still, if you need to.
But, if the mattress isn’t firm enough…supportive enough, there’s nothing you can do to fix that.
Here are links to the mattress I recommended to you, and to the latex toppers.

Stearns & Foster Luxury Collection, Heidi, Luxury Firm

Stearns & Foster Luxury Collection, Heidi, Luxury Firm

Stearns & Foster Luxury Collection, Heidi, Luxury Firm

Latex topper

Latex topper

Thanks, Pete

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