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Stearns & Foster mattress too firm, need a soft latex topper

Anh writes:

Hi Pete,
It has been almost a year now since we purchased our new mattress set from you guys.  Haven’t really been very happy with the set we ordered cause I usually wake up with back pain.  We were looking for something plush and that’s why we ordered this set, but it seems to feel firm when sleeping on it.  We ordered a latex topper last year too to see if that would help, but that didn’t work either.  I was curious, I notice that this set is shown on some sites with a S&F comfort level of 2.5 which is:
2 to 4: Hard, Like Sleeping on a Carpeted Floor
If you can sleep comfortably on your living room floor without suffering aches and pains when you wake up, then a Stearns & Foster mattress with a Comfort Scale rating of 2 to 4 will be ideal for you. These mattresses feel hard to very hard.

Is that normal for a plush mattress to fall in this comfort level?  We’re likely going to have to go purchase a new mattress again this year cause this mattress set isn’t working out.  So I’d like to get some clarification on the comfort levels so we don’t make the same mistake again.
Thanks, Anh
Hi Anh,
There is no industry standard for comfort levels. Every time you see one, it’s that author’s idea of what it should be. They are meant to be helpful and used as a guide. But, if you get too hung up on the numbers, it can add to the confusion.
Having firm support is a good thing. Your body needs it and the mattress will last.
There are lots of things you can do to make the surface of your mattress more comfortable.
The 2″ soft latex topper is usually enough. If it wasn’t enough for you, cover the mattress with a high loft mattress pad. If you need still more, use a comforter.
But, I can assure you, if you buy a softer mattress it will lose its shape quickly.
You have one of thee best mattresses that is available on today’s market. Adjusting the surface comfort to suit your taste is the easy part.
If you bought a 2″ soft topper for it, and can use that topper elsewhere, I have a 3″ soft latex topper that is noticeably softer than the 2″.
Latex topper

Latex topper

Thanks, Pete

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