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Want a comfortable two-sided mattress that will last

Leslie writes:

I’m buying a queen mattress for our guest room, where I will also sleep occasionally (snoring issues!). I’m 55, 5’7″ and 160 lbs. and get aches and pains if I sleep on a firm mattress with no cushioning. I would like to stay under $1400 total for whatever I purchase. While out locally, I liked the S&F Joy at mattress store–of course I went for the plush pillowtop in the store due to the comfort!
My questions are:
1. After reading many of the posts on your blog, I’m wondering why more people don’t go with your two-sided mattress with a latex topper vs. a name brand mattress.
2. If I need a supportive bed with softness on top like what the Joy (Heidi?) offers, which of your two sided mattresses and latex toppers do you recommend for me?
3. If I do not need a frame does that help with the cost at all?
4. Is there a link to comments about your two-sided beds?
5. On a more trivial note, I like high profile beds–something about climbing “up” into a bed that my whole family likes. Are any of the two sided beds higher than the others?
Sorry for the long & winding email. Thanks in advance for any help/advice you can offer.
Hi Leslie,
If you like a high bed, then the Cameo plush will fill that need. Also, the cameo keeps its shape, where the Heidi plush does not.
Also, with the Cameo plush, you wouldn’t need a topper. It’s plenty comfy all by itself.
As to you first question, you presume that few of the two sided mattresses are sold. I can’t imagine why you would make that presumption.
If its quality and comfort you’re looking for, you can’t do better than the Cameo plush.
Therapedic Keepsake Cameo Plush

Therapedic Keepsake Cameo Plush

Thanks, Pete

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