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A Soft Latex mattress topper for an extra firm Simmons Black

Don writes:
Hi Peter,
We went to Sears and then Macy’s and decided we like the simmons beautyrest black extra firm the best. We didn’t like the Sealy’s at all and the Stearns and Foster extra firm wasn’t bad but was a pillowtop so we haven’t tried the extra firm non pillowtop yet. My concern about the beautyrest is that we once owned one that sagged severly after about 4 years (was very expensive) and was surprised by this because when I was younger my father always bought us hotel beautyrest (thru his business) as kids and up till I was in college in the early 80’s and they were amazing comfort and durability, so I didn’t expect the one I bought in the 90’s to be such a piece of junk. I also see alot of compaints about them on the internet of sagging and bad customer service with warrantee. What is your experience with simmons and durability,this model and what would your price be on it (macy’s has for 2500 but i think 10% off). We are going to go back again to be sure but there’s something about it we really like.
Hi Don,
The entire mattress industry has gone to hell. It’s a long story, as how it got that way.
There are plenty of complaints to be read about every brand. As long as people buy
what the salespeople push, that won’t change. What’s being pushed is what sells easily…
…soft feeling, luxurious mattresses.
Suffice it to say, the firmer mattresses hold up better than the softer mattresses.
But still, they are one side…half the mattress you used to buy.
And, while the quality has waned, the warranties appear better. Subsequently, the
factories use every caveat it get out of making good on them.
You’re looking for a guarantee that you didn’t need years ago…a guarantee that everyone
will tell you you have today, but a worthless one.
Sorry to paint this picture for you. It isn’t what you want to hear, but it’s accurate.
If you want a firm bed that won’t sag, you have to go with the Medi-Coil…shown here:
Therapedic "Medi Coil Ultimate Permatuft"

Therapedic “Medi Coil Ultimate Permatuft”

These are the only mattresses made as they once had been. I had them made for those
who don’t want to worry about body impressions.

Thanks, Pete

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