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EverEden Chemical Free Latex Mattress

Daniel writes:
I have emailed you a few times now over the past year and after our last email exchange I was dead set on getting the Cameo Plush. My wife however, does not want the motion transfer and would prefer the individual coils. So I am leaning back towards the Heidi/ 2 in soft topper combo that you recommend so often. Now here is my question: The last time I browsed your site the option for the EverEden 8 in model was not available. Seeing as how it would run a bit cheaper and the durability of latex ,would this be a better option? I still would have to get box springs for it, or buy a new platform bed which i don’t really care to do. What do you think? I figured I’d have already been settled in my house by now, hopefully in the next month we can get to move in and I’ll get our order going. Thanks again. Daniel
Hi Daniel,
We recently got that same 8″ EverEden mattress for our guest room. We did get a platform for it, but you may have noticed the Pragma bed base on that page. It’s very strong.
EverEden Latex Mattress

EverEden Latex Mattress

Pragma Quad Fold Bed Base

Pragma Quad Fold Bed Base

We have slept on it and it is very comfortable with plenty of motion reduction to go with it.
You just can’t beat an all latex mattress.

Thanks, Pete

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