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Latex Mattress or Innerspring with latex topper

Karen writes:

Hi Pete,
I found a retailer close to me who carries the PureBliss line. I loved the Nature, as you suggested, but loved it even more with a 3" talalay topper. It was very soft and cushy and I'm wondering if I may end up finding it too soft for my aches. My question to you is, would I be just as happy purchasing a Sterns & Foster Heidi (much less expensive than the Nature) and still purchase the 3" talalay topper? I know you have suggested this combination several times on your blog. Will the Heidi eventually 
start sagging vs. the Nature which, I'm told by the rep here, will not sag for many years to come. And will I like the "feel" as much as lying on latex with a latex top?
Thank you for your time....again! Karen

Hi Karen,
The PureBliss Nature with one of their 3" toppers is a lot of money. We often recommend a latex topper with the Stearns & Foster Heidi because it does produce a similar feel at a price that most people can afford. Here are links to the Heidi and the toppers.
Stearns & Foster Luxury Collection, Heidi, Luxury Firm

Stearns & Foster Luxury Collection, Heidi, Luxury Firm
Latex topper

Latex topper

We use an 8" EverEden All-Natural Latex mattress at home. I find it quite comfortable.                I would recommend adding a soft latex topper to it for the kind of comfort you want.
EverEden Latex Mattress

EverEden Latex Mattress


Thanks, Pete

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