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Pure Latex Bliss Nature Mattress

Steve writes:
 Hi Pete

I tried the latex Bliss Pamper.  Do you think it will be good for a heavier 230 male who only sleeps on the side.  Will it help relieve pressure in hips and such.
Also looked at the Sealy Hybrid Plush.  Are they weak in the springs and foam, do you carry them?
I saw a lot of complaints about sagging with their latex on line hmmm.  Does it compare favorably with a top line simmons black or such other S&F? Steve

Hi Steve,
If you’re going by bad reviews, in general, you won’t buy any brand of mattress.
It’s important to understand what you’re reading…and, important to read and not just skim.
Almost all complaints are about softer mattresses…many at the high end.
The firmer Pamper is the starting model in the PureBliss line and one we recommend often. The next model up, the “Nature”, is as soft as you will need. With these models, I never hear a complaint. We are not proponents of high end mattresses. They are just “more”…and “more” isn’t better. Beyond the “Nature” model, you have crossed into the land of “Luxury Bedding” and gone past the point of diminishing return. Latex wears better than any other material used in mattresses. But, when you pile on a lot of soft latex, it will take a body impression. Add to that, the several thousand dollar price tag, and you are adding insult to injury.
Start with the Pamper. It’s provides good support and adequate comfort for most men. If you have a side sleeping woman, who has a hip that needs cushioning, either go with the Nature model, or a dd a 2″ soft latex topper to the Pamper.
Here is a link to the Pamper and another link to latex toppers that are less expensive.
Latex topper

Latex topper

Thanks, Pete

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