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Latex Mattresses

Preston writes:

Your information to this point had been invaluable and we finally went 

out and did some shopping today. 

We are looking at latex mattresses and 

have found two that seem interesting…S&F Tower View Villa and Ocean View Villa.

Please compare and contrast these models. 

We were leaning toward these due to more synthetic construction of all 

latex. And, it is my understanding that S&F incorporates several 

foams in the top layers. Finally, I was told that the Venice Beach and 

other models have been discontinued by Sealy in favor of a new method of 

latex manufacturing. Could you please offer some insight into this 

statement as well. Thank you for your continued help and information. Preston.


Hi Preston,

You can certainly get a lot of useless and mis-information from sales people at stores.

First off, there is no “New” method of manufacturing latex. Synthetic latex is the newest of them, but even that has some age to it.

Mattresses is such an incredibly complex subject, that it’s easier for salespeople to make things up that sound good, than it is to fully understand their products.

Sealy has owned S&F for quite some time. They are now both owned by Tempurpedic. 

When their latex mattresses were sporting the Sealy label, there was a combination of Dunlop, natural latex, synthetic latex, (aka. Smart Latex), and polyurethane foam.

Now, under the S&F label, they are synthetic latex and polyurethane foam. 

These mattresses are pricey and I can get them for you. However, with latex mattresses available, using natural and all-natural latex with zero poly foam, why wouldn’t be shopping for those instead? The prices are similar, the quality is higher and the complaint caused by the compression of the poly foam is non-existent.

Do yourself a favor and extend your search to include these higher quality latex mattress brands: pure LatexBLISS, Natura, and EverEden. 

Here are their links. Let me know if you have any further questions.





pure LatexBLISS Latex Mattress





EverEden Latex Mattress

EverEden Latex Mattress

Thanks, Pete

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