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Latex Mattress. Platform Bed or boxspring?

David writes:


Please advise. 

I am currently sleeping on a Simmons Beautyrest pillow top 

which was very comfortable for the last 2 years but has started to 

produce low back and hip pain over the last 2 months that is definitely 

related to sleeping as it resolves once I get up and move around. It 

reoccurs when I go to bed each night. I am comparing memory foam and 

latex foams. I have never slept well on a firm mattress and had 

previously always had foam mattresses positioned on a slatted base of a 

platform bed. If I decide on a latex mattress could it be positioned

directly on the slatted platform base or would you suggest a box spring.

I know that Tempurpedic recommends there wood foundation. I never used 

any foundation with my previous foam mattresses but I am unsure what

type of foam I purchased in the past. 

Thanks for your help. David


Hi David,

Latex is, by far, superior to memory foam. Since the boxspring you have with your Simmons pillowtop mattress is only 2 years old, it would be a shame to let it go to waste.

If you put your hand between the mattress and boxspring and press down, you find that the boxspring has no give. That’s because it isn’t really a spring, but vertical steel struts with a wire grid that holds it all together. The support that it provides is more than adequate to support a latex mattress.

We carry 3 brands of latex mattresses…pure LatexBLISS, Natura, & EverEden, and I’m including the links to each for your perusal. You will undoubtedly have further questions. It would be easier for you  pose them in response to this email.

pure LatexBLISS Latex Mattress

pure LatexBLISS Latex Mattress


Natura Latex Mattress


EverEden Latex Mattress

EverEden Latex Mattress

Thanks, Pete

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