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Latex Mattresses & Toppers…reduce or eliminate body impressions‏

Tom Writes:


Looks like, from many blogs, that the recurring theme is that you can’t 

avoid body impressions. I’m very sensitive to these. Is the gist of what

I read, that perhaps a latex foam mattress would be the best option 

to prolong the body impression problem? Tom


Hi Tom,

Most commercially made mattresses use poly and memory foams that easily create body impressions.

Latex is thee most resilient material available. As such, it resists body impressions. 

For light to average weight people, body impressions on latex are eliminated. For heavy people, they are minimal.

You can also opt to use a latex topper on a strong innerspring mattress. This too, works well and costs less than an all latex mattress.

But make no mistake, latex is and always has been the most resilient upholstery material available…and plenty comfy too.

Here are links to our latex mattresses and our latex toppers.




Latex - the mattress expert


Thanks, Pete

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