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Simmons Beautyrest Black extra firm mattress‏

Kristi writes:


Our mattress store is replacing our King Koil which was sold to us as a “firm” after 2 yrs of use. We have selected a Simmons Beautyrest Black Extra Firm but would like your opinion. I’ve read many of your comments & know that you prefer the Sealy & S&F as they use tempered steel. What will the long term difference be between tempered & untempered steel coils? The store didn’t have any Sealy or S&F floor models that we found at all comfortable. Thanks for your input.



Hi Kristi,

Besides the tempering factor, there is also the quality of steel to consider. Simmons uses steel with a much higher carbon content…a much better grade of steel. Also, Simmons uses a pre-compressed coil….a 9″ coil in a 7″ pocket. The pre-compression of the coils makes them more resilient. The Simmons Black is the strongest one-sided innerspring unit on today’s market.

My wife and I have a Black model at home.

For the sake of our readers, here is a link to that mattress you are getting. You might also want to compare the price before finalizing your deal.



Abriana Extra Firm - the mattress expert (2)

Simmons Beautyrest Black Abriana Extra Firm



Thanks, Pete

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