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A comfortable and durable Latex Mattress for a plus size woman with back pain.

Sandra writes:

I am a plus size woman 250lbs. Have had chronic back pain most of my life. Am in search of a mattress that will not only allow me to sleep through the night , but will last longer than the average 10 yrs. Have heard positive things about latex. Please help with any advice. Thank you, Sandra

Hi Sandra,
Latex is the most durable and resilient material available. But, all latexes are not the same. Since its resurgence in the market place, lots of differently made latex products have surfaced.
Since the latex that has always been available has been the best you can buy, many of these newcomers have found ways to cheapen it. Adding fillers, like clay, allow it to be marketed as all natural, but the filler diminishes the longevity of the product.
You weight plays a role, as well. Touted as the best, is Talalay Latex. Talalay latex has a freezing step added to the process, which suspends the particles, making for a more supple finished product. Talalay latex is, clearly, the most comfortable. For most people, an all Talalay Latex mattress is a wonderful thing. For people of your size and even people in general who are suffering with severe back pain, an all Talalay Latex mattress is not your best choice, as it provides a greater depth of softness that doesn’t work for you.
Dunlop is the original process for making latex foam….without the added freezing step in the Talalay process. In the Dunlop process, the particles settle, making for a more dense material. And while Dunlop latex tends to be less cushy comfy, it provides superior support.
Your situation demand a combination of the two types of latex…one with a Dunlop core and a Talalay top. The EverEden brand provides the combination your body requires.
I’m recommending that you go with the 9″ model. I have the 8″ model at home in my guest room. Many of our female guests are your size and larger. They said that it wasn’t soft enough for them. When we added the extra layer of soft latex, that did the trick for their comfort. My larger customers end up with the 9″ model and all are comfortable and sleeping well.
Here is a link to the EverEden Latex mattress. They are all, 100% Latex and 100% Natural. There are no fillers, no synthetics and chemicals…100% Pure and 100% Safe.
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EverEden Latex Mattress

EverEden Latex Mattress

Thanks, Pete

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