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Can I avoid mattresses with toxic chemicals? All-Natural Latex‏

Phan writes:

I’m doing some reading on mattresses and I’m concerned about the chemicals we’re exposed to from new mattresses. I’ve read people are experiencing all sorts of health problems after purchasing new mattresses. Are there any natural product mattresses available that you can recommend? Phan

Hi Phan,
Most of what you’re reading about is memory foam. Your best alternative is latex. Latex mattresses have been considered the best you can buy since the 1920s.
However, not all latex is the same. Synthetic latex is a molecular clone of natural latex. And while it is a chemical based product, none of the chemicals are toxic, as they are in memory foam.
Synthetic latex is less expensive than natural latex and is doesn’t hold up as well.
It makes sense to go with an all-natural latex product, which uses no chemicals. You’ll also want to get a latex mattress with no fillers. Clay is a common filler and because clay is natural, it’s easy to be fooled by the claims. Latex with clay fillers, also, doesn’t hold up as well. Much of the latex imported from China, will have fillers.
Pure, all natural latex is your best bet…not only for a 100% safe product, but for the extraordinary comfort and support it provides. Latex is also among the longest lasting products available.
Because of this, all natural latex ends up being less expensive over the life span of the product. It really is a terrific value in every aspect.
We carry three lines of latex mattresses. The Ever-Eden, and Natura brands are all-natural. The Pure LatexBLISS brand has all natural models in their line. They also have a “natural” line, which is 70% natural and 30% synthetic. But again, the 30% synthetic latex is not toxic in any way.
Here is a link to the lines we carry. Delivery is free and there’s no sales tax. The Natura line is also available for delivery throughout Canada, as well as the US.


Chemical Free Latex Foam

Chemical Free Latex Foam

Thanks, Pete

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