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Not the Latex Mattress I ordered. It’s memory foam!

Darleen writes:


I just purchased a mattress which was said to me was a combination of latex

and other materials.

When I got it delivered here, the tag says:

70% Polyurethane foam, 27% Visco-elastic Polyurethane foam.

So is it okay? I mean is it something like latex, or better? And, does the smell really go away?

Thanks, Darleen.


Hi Darleen,

People often wonder about buying from line, as opposed to shopping at a store. You have showcased the biggest reason for not shopping at stores. A mattress is a blind item. At most stores, especially the large chains stores, the salespeople know very little about their mattresses, or the material inside, or how they work, or what it means to you. They are taught how to ‘make the sale’, and little more. The rest, they make up as they go. THAT, in stark contrast to the information available on my blog:

Memory Foam

Memory Foam


Visco-Elastic Polyurethane Foam is AKA Memory Foam. Of the three foams used, it is the worst of them. Besides the fact that it doesn’t work well or for very long, it’s also toxic….consisting of 61 different chemicals…not all, of which, are toxic. That smell, that they told you will go away, are the toxic fumes given off by the toxic chemicals….in case you are also wondering why you have a headache. Headaches are the most commons symptom reported to me. Most involve the respiratory systems. One reported symptom, the worst of them,  was bleeding sinuses. In short, you are truly adding insult to injury…or visa versa. The polyurethane is a petro-chemical product that has been used extensively sine the 1970s. If cured properly, it’s reasonably safe. But still, does not have the comfort or durability of Natural 100% Latex. Latex is much more expensively made than either of those other two foams. 

For the sake of your physical and financial health, get rid of that dog. It bites.

Read more about it on my blog.

Thanks, Pete

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