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pure LatexBLISS all-latex “Beautiful” mattress.

Ralph writes:

Where is the value of a high end mattress if it is firm? In reading your posts it seems that you steer people away from plush pillowtops. My wife and I want a firm but comfortable (possible pillow top) king size mattress. The salesman at our local store steered us toward models $3000 and up …. Tempurpedic, Beautyrest, etc. What is the best mattress that will match up to that 5 star hotel feel? P.S. … the mattress industry isn’t consumer friendly – why so many names for the same darn thing? Ralph

Hi Ralph,
The different model names for the same mattress really took off in the 1980s, after the mattress companies computerized their operations, which came on the heels of a very nasty price war.
Prior to that, the department stores had their own names. Mattress and furniture stores all had the same name.
If you have that kind of money to spend, you can buy yourself the very best there is. The pure LatexBLISS all-latex “Beautiful” model has what you want in feel…comfort and support.
The major difference is that an all-latex mattress will last a whole lot longer than the mattresses they’re pushing at the stores.
When you say that the mattress industry is not consumer friendly, you don’t know the half of it. The mattresses you asked about are designed to fail quickly and make you a frequent buyer.
An all latex mattress, while expensive to purchase, is cheaper in the long run because of it’s superior comfort and longevity.
Here is the link to that mattress. You can order on-line. Delivery is free and there’s no sales tax.


pure LatexBLISS "Beautiful" Natural Talalay Latex

pure LatexBLISS “Beautiful” Natural Talalay Latex



Thanks, Pete

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