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A Latex Topper to Relieve Shoulder Pain.

Lou writes:
I sleep on my sides… I'm awakened within three hours by my shoulder pain that's against the mattress, they're sore. Is it the mattress, or my shoulders? When I get up in the morning after fifteen minutes it's fine. Six foot 200Lbs. I have a Sealy Posturepedic pillow top mattress. Lou


Hi Lou,The padding in pillowtops are cheap poly or memory foam that compress easily, rendering them worthless for long lasting comfort. It seems that the comfort last long enough to con you into buying one. Pillowtops are a terrible value for this reason. Read what so many others have written about their experiences with pillowtops. They are, very much, like yours. 

What we recommend is a layer of latex at the surface. Latex is far more resilient than those cheap foams. It does an excellent job of relaxing muscles and relieving pressure points at the shoulder and hip….and, it does it long term. The latex topper my wife and I are using is now 5 years old and still looks and feels like new. Its the best buy in the entire mattress industry for that purpose. You'll be able to add one to your mattress and forget all about your shoulder pain.

Here's the link. You can order on line. I'd suggest the Talalay, 2" Soft. Most of the feedback that's there to read, is about that particular model.


Latex Mattress Topper

Latex Mattress Topper




Thanks, Pete

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