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Spring Air Mattress gone bad. Back, Shoulder & Hip Pain.

Frank Writes:

I recently found your site, and am very appreciative of the advice you 

give concerning mattress selection. 
I recently purchased a Spring Air 
mattress, less than 18 months ago. About a month and a half ago, I heard 
a couple of the springs inside "pop", and now there is a noticeable
divet in the mattress toward one side. I know this should not be "normal 

wear and tear". I have tried turning the "no flip" mattress, according 
to the suggestions made by the company, but am experiencing severe lower 
back, shoulder, and hip pain. Needless to say, I am not satisfied. I 
have been looking at the Sealy Posturepedic Line of mattresses. I am a 
thin person, body weight approx. 130lbs./ 5 ft. 8in. I do suffer from 
lower back and hip pain from time to time, that started when my old 
mattress became completely worn after almost 15 years
What suggestions do you have for a Sealy Posturepedic 
that would be good for my back and lower hips, not too expensive, and is 
designed with materials that won't increase my body heat.
Also, I noticed, trying a personal experiment-sleeping on this mattress 

with no bedding, it seemed as if the mattress was absorbent of my 
natural body oils. 
Even with bed sheets, the effect is the same, as if 
the mattress materials are absorbent, and I wake up physically parched 
(skin and body). 
In addition, do you have any suggestions for possible 
recourse concerning the issues with my Spring Air? Thank you. Frank
Hi Frank,
Coils "popping" is reason enough for the factory to authorize an exchange. The first thing to do is to call your retailer and initiate a warranty claim.
NEVER sleep on an unprotected mattress. The materials will absorb your body oils and perspiration. This will cause them to break done quickly…as if they don't break down fast enough. You certainly don't want to help them along. The next problem you face is a rejection of your warranty claim. Regardless of what's wrong with your mattress, stains on the surface of the mattress indicate that moisture has been introduced to the mattress and your warranty will be void. Check your mattress for stains, since you slept on it without protection.
A Sealy Posturepedic won't be any better. We used to recommend them frequently, when they were still making a decent product. In June of 2011, the line changed and so did their quality….and not for the better.
First things first. Register your complaint and see what happens. If you do get authorization for exchange, write me back with a link to the store's website and we'll see what they have available that would be best for you.

Thanks, Pete

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