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Sealy Posturpedic mattress has strong chemical odor.

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We recently bought a Sealy Posturpedic Queen mattress set. It has an odor. A strong chemical odor. Is this normal? How long will it take for this to dissipate if this is normal? Can we do something to speed the dissipation process? Thanks for your help. Charles

Hi Charles,
Every once in a while, a roll of foam will get to a mattress manufacturer without having been properly cured. It can happen at any mattress factory, as they all buy from the same foam companies.
The chemical smell is off-gassing of toxic fumes…chemicals from which the foam is made. DO NOT keep the mattress. Have your store exchange it….but not from stock. Have them order a fresh one from the factory for you.
The roll of foam, in question, is a very large roll, from which many mattresses are made. Your retailer's stock is likely to also be affected.
The factory goes through a roll of foam very quickly. Ordering a new one for you will make it unlikely that your problem will repeat….as it might if you were to get another from stock.


Thanks, Pete

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  1. I purchased a mattress on 10/25/2016, has a strong odor, opened windows x3 days and put on a fan,
    still has a strong chemical smell, can’t walk in the room w/o eyes burning.
    Need to return, correct, this problem will not resolve, correct?

  2. Hi Edna,
    Since Tempurpedic bought Sealy, back in 2013, they redid the line to include lots of memory foam.
    You are experiencing the off gassing from the toxic chemicals used to make memory foam.
    It won’t go away. It’s a health hazard. You’ll want to get find of that mattress, ASAP, and purchase¬†
    one without memory foam in it.
    We had always been a Sealy dealer. But, not since 2013.

    Thanks, Pete

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