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S&F Ocean View Latex Mattress, Body Impressions.

Janice writes:

Hi Peter–am loving your blog. 
Do you think a S&F Ocean View Villa

 Ultra Plush latex mattress will have minimal sagging? 
I know body 
impressions are normal these days, and more so with ultra plush, but you 
seemed to indicate this wasn't a problem with latex. 
Also, I am a side 
and stomach sleeper. Would the Ocean View be too soft for stomach 
sleeping? I weigh 105 lbs. 
Thanks, Janice

Hi Janice,

At 105 lbs., you have far less to worry about than people who are heavier and exerting more pressure on a mattress.
Even so, the Ocean View has 2.5" of soft poly foam at the surface, which will create an impression, even under your light weight.
Also, an ultra plush, while fine for a side sleeper, is often too soft for a stomach sleeper. In that position, the arch in the small of your back will become exaggerated, causing quite a lot of pain.
I know that it is seductive when trying these types of mattresses. They are extremely comfortable in the showroom, but do not wear well.
Latex has always been the best you can buy…since the 1920s. But, it's the poly foam on the top that will wear first and wear quickly.
While I can get that mattress for you, I would rather see you in an all latex mattress, where you wouldn't have to worry about it wearing out or creating body impressions.
We carry three of the top latex lines available in North America. If you would like to check them out, follow this link. Delivery is free and there's no sales tax.
TMEALLnatural Latex

Thanks, Pete

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