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Caring for a new mattress, Natura Latex.



We just purchased a Natura latex mattress from you, and love it. Does this mattress need to be rotated or flipped?
Sleeping well in Toronto
There's nothing like an all latex mattress…and I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying yours.
The mattress is made to be one sided. The top side, usually, being the more comfortable.
The underside of the mattress is also usable. It's very likely to be firmer and could be much firmer.
You could find that firmer side to be extremely useful if you, in some way, wrench your back….I've done that just by twisting wrong.
Otherwise, you wouldn't normally flip the mattress.
But yes, if for no other reason that to get every possible year from your mattress, rotate your mattress.
Ideally, you should rotate it every month for the first year and 4 times a year thereafter. 
If there is a large difference in weight between the people using it, you should continue the monthly rotation for the life of the mattress.
If you are single, do not sleep in the same spot all the time….especially in the center. If the day comes that there two people in the mattress, 
the soft spot you make in the center will be felt by both of you.
Rotating or flipping a mattress is a two person job. Attempting to do it alone often results in that wrenched back that you would hope to avoid…
…not to mention the broken lamps.
These rules of thumb apply to all one sided mattresses. 
Innerspring models do not have a usable underside.
mattress rotation guide- themattressexpert

Thanks, Pete

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