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A two-sided mattress for a large man with hip and back pain.

Gert writes:

Me and my husband are searching for a mattress that will be firm enough 

that his hips don't sink and cause him lower back pain. 
He also suffers 
from mild scoliosis and occasional lower back pain. He is a large man and prefers firmer.
Whatever makes him happy is fine with me. We're looking at a S&F 

Latex and a S&F innerspring. 
Can you tell me if his problem 
would be better with the latex or a firm coil support? Gert
Hi Gert,
There's more to it than that. 
He will benefit from a firmer innerspring than from a latex mattress. The innerspring will hold him up, while the latex mattress will contour to him.
The contouring support is great for most people, while a large man with back issues will do better on a firm innerspring.
The problem you will run into, on your current course, is the memory foam used in the S&F innerspring mattresses. They too, will allow him to sink.
Memory foam is an inferior product that is designed to be comfortable at the point of sale, but lose that comfort in short order…making most of today's mattresses disposable.
Tempurpedic now owns S&F and everyone of their innerspring models has plenty of memory foam in it.
We carry a line of two-sided, flippable mattresses that are firm and will stay that way…even under a large man.
You can soften the surface of any of them with a layer of latex, which will provide additional comfort without letting you sink through it, the way memory foam does.
Here are the links to those mattresses and the latex toppers.
Therapedic Two Sided Mattress

Therapedic Two Sided Mattress

Latex Mattress Topper

Latex Mattress Topper


Thanks, Pete

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