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Memory Foam vs. Innerspring Mattress.

Ryan writes:

Thank you for the info! I am looking for a queen size and I am 5'10" and 185 pounds. I really really like the feel and the comfort of memory foam. I certainly don't want to buy it if longevity is an issue though. What would you suggest. I don't really have a back problem, I just feel sore sometimes when I wake up in my lower back. I have looked on and it says that memory foam beds have the highest owner satisfaction. Firm innersprings have the lowest it seems. What do you think is the reason for this? What do you look for when buying an. Innerspring? Coil count, gauge size, individual pockets? Thanks in advance for the help! Ryan


Hi Ryan,
You have asked one of the most important general questions I've read in a while. It cuts right to the heart of why so many buying mistakes are made…over and over again.
The information, on that site, lacks the detail of time, specific models and trends.
A mattress is not a piece of furniture that works until it breaks or lasts until it becomes a valuable antique. 
A mattress has a life…how it feels on a showroom floor after it has been broken in by countless consumers plopping on it…how it feels new, when you first get it…how it feels a month later…how it feels a year later, and so on. Wear patterns develop based on a person's size, shape, weight, and the way the mattress is used or abused.
And, like you and I, they are all different. Each brand has several lines. Each line has several models. Each model has several choices of comfort.
To say that one brand rates higher than another, or that foam mattresses rate higher than innersprings, is much too general a statement…especially when there is no reference to the time line of the review. Was the review given just after receiving it? If so, that review is worthless.
Let me know what you think a year or two later, then you have a review to which you can assign some weight. 
As a retailer, I can tell you that you rarely hear from people who are happy with their purchase.
For the most part, those reviews are solicited….and soon after delivery.
Those with complaints don't need to be solicited. An unhappy customer will let you know about it all on their own…and just as soon as they become uncomfortable or feel pain…and at anytime during the course of the life of the mattress.
Memory foam rates very high with new owners, for comfort. Those same owners sing a different tune a year or two later. Memory foam also receives lots of immediate complaints about the smell. It off-gasses toxic fumes that result in a myriad of respiratory problems…bleeding sinuses, being the worst that I've heard. And, who knows what the long term implications are?!
Other common complaints are that it sleeps hot and that it's so difficult to change position, you actually have to awaken to do so.
When you look at memory foam in its entirety, one can only conclude that it's the worst material ever invented for use in or as a mattress.
Latex, on the other hand, is an all natural product that has been the best you can buy since the 1920s…comfortable, durable and non-toxic. You don't hear latex advertised. It's expensive to make and costs about the same as most memory foam products. Memory foam is cheap to make and what you're paying for is the advertising.
The trend, today, is comfort…selling comfort and luxury. The mattress industry started that. The sales floors are a sea of pillowtops. It wasn't hard to switch the focus away from support nd a healthful night's sleep to having you indulging your sense of luxury. After all, we are Americans…a deciding society that loves to be told what we want to hear, and loves to immerse ourselves in the finer things of life. It's an easy sell.
The consequence of going down that path is ok if you can afford that boat or that Mercedes….ok to throw your money away on frivolous products that you never use. What's not ok, is to subject your skeletal and muscular systems to inadequate support for eight hours a day, resulting in permanent damage that you will fully regret later in life.
There is now no regulations protecting you from what is clearly criminal neglect on the part of the mattress industry, including many of these review sites which rely on paid ads from the very people responsible for all of this.
I am not a believer in big government, but do expect my government to protect me against profiteers who rely on damaging the lives of population to make their profits.
If you're young, what you're experiencing is all you know.
It was about 10 years ago, or so, when this industry turned to the dark side, so to speak.
Prior to that, quality was the focus. However, Tempurpedic, with their mass media marketing, was swallowing up an ever increasingly large portion of the market share. It was that company who told you that memory foam was the best thing since sliced bread. They told you unbelievably frequently…over and over on TV and radio, year in and year out…until finally, the lie became the accepted truth. 
In order to retain their market share, everyone got in on the act…"umbriago" (Jimmy Durante)
10 years, or so ago, mattresses when from being two sided to being one sided. The marketed went something like this, "Yay! You don't have to flip your mattress anymore".
They omitted the part about now having half a mattress that will last you half as long.
The best way around this, if you're looking for value, something that will hold up for any length of time and still be comfortable AND supportive, is to get firm basic innerspring mattress and add a latex topper to it. Which mattress and which topper, varies with needs of the individual.
In your case, the tried and true, good old stand by is all you need…as you have no weight issue or chronic back problem. Here are links to items, when used together, provide long lasting positive results. The topper to use with this mattress, for you, would be the soft one.
You can spend more and you can spend less, but THIS, is your best buy.

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Simmons Beautyrest Annapolis Place Luxury Firm

Simmons Beautyrest Annapolis Place Luxury Firm

Thanks, Pete

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