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All Latex mattress to relieve the pain of MS (Multiple Sclerosis)‏

Bruce writes:

My wife has M/S and we are on our 4th bed shopping experience. She gets neck and back pains. she is a side sleeper. We have tried sleep comfort, temperpedic, and a bamboo memory foam. 

We are looking at a Sealy memory gel bed. Would you recommend this? We have an adjustable bed and the salesman told my wife to try to sleep in the zero gravity position at night. Last night didn't work out well any suggestions.

Hi Bruce,


The Zero G is nice, but does nothing for symptoms of MS. In fact, the adjustable bed base, in its entirety, is not a tool I'd recommend for that condition.
Don't get me wrong. They are very comfortable for lounging in bed and ideal for certain physical conditions, but not worth much in relation to MS.
It's a good thing you wrote. You were about to make your 4th mistake. Every bed you bought and this one you are considering, are or have memory foam. The "Gel", (the latest gimmick), while not offensive as memory foam, has little to no value.
In short, no more memory foam for you. It is absolutely worthless…a complete waste of money….a temperature sensitive material that sinks as it warms from your body heat….providing zero support…nothing but expensive junk.
What does work for MS is soft natural latex…the original foam rubber….the best you can buy since the 1920s…no gimmicks, just top quality.
The model that will provide the greatest degree of long lasting comfort and relief for her condition, is the pure LatexBLISS "Beautiful" model.
With that mattress comes a pair of all latex pillows, which will do wonders for her neck.
Here is the link to that mattress.
pure LatexBLISS

pure LatexBLISS “Beautiful” Natural Talalay Latex


Thanks, Pete

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