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  1. I just purchased a Simmons Edenton and am getting worried because it says stomach sleeper and I am a side sleeper. Is this going to be a problem?

  2. Hi Linda,
    My wife and I have an older version of that mattress….and, are side sleepers.
    We added a 2″ soft Talalay latex topper to it for the addition surface comfort needed.
    Not only does it make the mattress more comfortable, it eliminates body impressions.
    I suggest the same for you. Here is a link to that latex foam topper.

    Thanks, Pete
    856-874-6894 (9 to 5 pst)

  3. I have a concern. I am about to purchase a Simmos Beautyrest Legend Plush mattress from Sleepys. I am also going to get it where the head raises to make it adjustable. My concern is #1 the price. Am I getting the best price? They want to charge me $2,350 for the mattress alone and the adjustable, because its a king I supposedly need 2 are $400 each. So that brings my grand total to almost $3,500.00. #2, will the adjustable mechanism of the bed destroy my mattress from bending it up and down?

  4. Hi Pat,
    It’s a good thing that you haven’t pulled that trigger.
    There are a few problems here.
    Since you asked about price, you should know that you are shopping at one of thee most expensive retailers in the nation.
    More than any, they do a tremendous amount of advertising….which is why you went there. Those ads are very expensive and their prices are higher than most to offset what they spend to get you through the door. Which, btw, is quite opposite of what their ads claim.
    The Legend is an exclusive for them. They push that model because it’s impossible to shop. It’s one of their high profit mattresses.

    Besides the price, a plush Beautyrest is a terrible choice. It has plenty of initial comfort, but quickly loses that comfort with use.
    We also carry Simmons. If you look at the Beautyrests we have on our website, you’ll notice that there isn’t a “plush” model among them.
    What makes a plush Beautyrest plush, is a much thinner gauge wire for the coils. The wire is so thin, that it doesn’t usually last more than a year or so.
    And while the firmer Beautyrests perform well, the plush models are among the worst mattresses on the market.

    During the holidays, Macy’s and Sears will have your best prices. They both carry Simmons and both have adjustable bed bases.
    If you take the time to shop, it’s doubtful that you’ll go back to Sleepy’s.
    Although, $400 for a twin xl adjustrable bed base is a good price.

    A mattress will wear faster on an adjustable bed base. The mattress doesn’t wear faster because it bends. It wears faster because when you have the head up, the body weight shifts to a center spot in the mattress…which then bears the brunt of that weight.
    This, as opposed to sleeping flat, where the body weight is spread out over a greater area.
    You will see problems develop with that mattress on an adjustable base, withing a couple/few short months.

    Thanks, Pete

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    Factory Direct to You….All Items Made Factory Fresh to Fill Your Order

  5. Dear Mattress Expert,
    I was recently on a short vacation with my husband. I slept on one of the most comfortable bed’s that I had slep on for a long time. It was at a motel 8 in Salina, Utah. I was so impressed with the good nights sleep I got. I took the sheets off and found the make of the mattress. It was a Sealy Posturpetic Dnynasty CCS Plush.
    I was hoping you could tell me where I might be able to purchase this mattress, in Utah? Do you sale it direct.We were considering a Sleep Number King Bed. I have arthritis, and fibromyalgia. The mattress we have now is not a 2 sided one and it also leaves body impressions init after just 4-5 days. We keep turning the mattress,but it has become so uncomfortable that we are just going to get a new one. We bought it here from John Paras Furniture. It is there brand of mattress. It has a pillow top ad it gives me a lot of pain. Not to mention the tossing and turning. Can you recommend a good one for my health issues. Or do you know where I can get the mattress I mentioned above?
    Thank You Joan p.s.No I have not commented before.

  6. Hi Joan,
    When shopping for this mattress at retail stores, ask for a Sealy Posturepedic Classic in plush.

    It’s as easy as that.

    This link will assist you in finding a Sealy retailer near you.

    I’d suggest calling around before venturing out.

    Thanks, Pete

    Phone: 1-856-874-6894


  7. Hi Pete,
    I have MS and the heat From the mattress affect me a lot and because of that my legs are burning more. I did not sleep well since we had those mattresses last december.
    I’m a side sleeper and my husband also. We are not really heavy 125 and 195
    I bought from Costco (because of the return policy) last december Prichard ultra firm matress (TOO firm and hot) I returned it and exchanged it for Kirkland Signature by Stearns & Foster Lake Shore Luxury Firm (comfortable but SOOOOO HOT and very heavy to changed the sheets) Right now my husband sleep in my son’s bedroom and I sleep in my guest’s bedroom. I will return the Kirkland one at Costco but can you give me some suggestions on which one I should buy or which brand I should look at. I really miss the 2 sides of my old matress and also the light weight.
    I read all your blogs and I really trust your opinion.

  8. Hi Sylvie,
    I haven’t heard that name in 30 years…since my paternal grandmother passed away. That was her name. She lived to be 92.

    The sleeping hot thing comes from memory foam. Memory foam is a temperature sensitive product that absorbs your body’s heat and reflects it back to you.

    Memory foam has a myriad of negative side effects that go along with using it. Sleeping hot is just one of many.

    I have two good options for you.

    The first is one that we have recommended for years and with no complaints.

    It’s the Simmons Beautyrest World Class Santorini mattress in luxury firm, witha 2″ soft Talalay Latex topper.

    The latex topper will insulate you from the memory foam in the mattress and cause it to sleep cool and last longer.

    The second is the Natura Greenspring Liberty Plush.

    The Natura line, which we’ve been using for some time to service our Canadian customers, has recently become available for delivery throughout the US…without all the Customs fees.

    This line is a higher quality product than the Simmons Beautyrest, using latex and no memory foam…so that you will not need the separate latex topper.

    Both come with free, white glove delivery and there is no sales tax.

    Here are links to the first and second recommendations….either way, you won’t sleep hot.

    Moisture from perspiration causes premature wear.

    Protect your investment with high quality, Waterproof Mattress and Pillow Protectors that sleep cool and don’t shrink.

    Thanks, Pete

    Phone: 1-856-874-6894


    Factory Direct to You….All Items Made Factory Fresh to Fill Your Order

    Free Delivery Nationwide….US & Canada…NO SALES TAX.

  9. Our new Sleep Number bed sleeps very hot. This is why we got rid of our Tempurpedic. On our new bed we are using cotton sheets and and the mattress cover is from Sleep Number. We’ve invested way too much to get rid of the mattress. What can we do?

  10. Hi Sylvia,
    Sylvia was my paternal grandmother’s name.

    Tempurpedic uses memory foam, which is a lousy product for a great number of reasons.
    One of those reasons is that it sleeps hot.
    Sleep Number also uses memory foam, which located just under the zipper on cover.
    The solution is easy and not terribly expensive.
    Unzip the cover and measure the thickness of the memory foam pad.
    Then, simply replace that with all natural latex of the same thickness.
    Latex is all natural and sleeps cool naturally.
    Here is a link to the latex toppers. Delivery is free and there’s no sales tax.

    Thanks, Pete

    Important Note:
    Moisture will cause mattresses to wear out faster.
    Protect your mattress from accidents, spills & perspiration with our all natural silver infused cotton waterproof mattress & pillow protectors. They sleep cool and won’t shrink when washed in hot water.

    Phone: 856-874-6894

  11. We’re thinking of buying a Beautyrest Black, Mariela, Luxury firm. (Tight top) $$2900 including tax, deluxe bed frame or else a new Stearns & Foster, Estate collection (coils in pillow top) #3 for $3900, includes tax , deluxe bed frame, 6 sided mattress cover. The firm Estate Collection one was priced at $4900, because it has latex, & more materials. We got so confused, were thinking to get the Besutyrest black. I wegh165 & my husband 195, so we need a decent mattress.i was concerned buying a Beautyrest, because of their poor reviews. Also, do you think the Airloom is worth buying, instead of Beautyrest? They have a higher satisfaction rating (spring mattress), & cost $800-$1000 more than Beautyrest Black. We’re totally confused. I thought I liked the new Stearns & Foster, but when I tried it a different day, the pillow top had a flat feeling. Each store has different models, made for them, to confuse the buyer. I just want a bed that won’t get body depressions in a few years.
    We could get the Beautyrest, Mariella, & add a topper. Mainly were concerned getting a bed that won’t stand up.

  12. Hi,

    If you want a bed that will hold up, stay away from the Stearns & Foster line entirely.

    Since they were bought by Tempurpedic in 2013, they’ve added their memory foam to every S&F model.

    We used to be a Sealy/S&F retailer up to that point. Now, I wouldn’t recommend anything they make to any one.

    The Luxury Firm Black Simmons with a 2″ Soft Talalay Latex topper is something that we’ve experimented with at home.

    My wife and I are, each, in the 225 lb. range, with plenty of our own physical problems, and as such, we make a good test case.

    We slept on the sleep system combination for 4 years. At the end of that time, the mattress and topper were still in like new condition.

    Our son and his wife are now using that bed, and we are testing something different.

    I agree with my wife when she says it was the most comfortable bed we ever had. She wishes we had it back.

    I would have you check our website for pricing on the Simmons Beautyrest Black Ava in Luxury Firm….shown here:

    You’ll add to that, the Ever-Eden 2″ Soft All Natural Talalay Latex Topper….shown here:

    Talalay Latex toppers are normally purchased as “Soft” for the purpose of softening a too firm mattress. However, both, the Vytex Dunlop & Talalay Latex Mattress …
    Delivery is free and there’s no sales tax.

    Thanks, Pete

  13. Hi,

    I’ve always been a good deep sleeper. For the last three years we slept on a simple mattress that we bought used off craigslist for $100 and it was great. We recently moved across the country and decided to buy a new mattress for the first time. So far, we’ve made some bad choices.

    We purchased two queen mattresses that I found to be very uncomfortable after sleeping on for a few nights. One was a $300 value line spring coil mattress without memory foam. After sleeping on it for one night, we both woke up with aching backs and felt terrible. We gave it another night and had the same problem the next night. On the third night we added a memory foam topper and slept better but not well. In the morning the back pain was confined only to our lower backs and not the whole back as we experienced without the topper. We returned this mattress.

    The second mattress we purchased was a $600 Oregon Mattress Company Barclay Plush Firm (pocketed coil with memory foam). My husband who is 6’1″, 200 lbs and a side sleeper finds it comfortable. I’m 115 lbs, a stomach and side sleeper. I wake up really tired and with low back pain after sleeping on this mattress. I tried to add the memory foam topper on it after a few nights but it felt exactly the same. We plan to move this bed into the guest bedroom and find one that is comfortable for both of us.

    After reading all your comments on latex vs memory foam, it sounds like memory foam is not a good investment. Do you have any suggestions on a mattress that might work for both of us that won’t break the bank?

    Thank you!

  14. Hi Deb,

    A good mattress is a result of good components.

    The “Best for the Least”, using a good coil unit and upholstered with all natural latex, are the Wolf Latex/Hybrid mattresses.

    The Adrian model has a stronger coil unit…the better choice for people who are heavy.

    The Adara model is more comfortable and better suited to average weight people.

    Here is the link to those mattresses.

    Questions, Comments, Concerns? Please Check out One of our Blogs Listed below Or Ask us on Facebook or Twitter. You can Also Call or Email Us!

    FedEx delivery is free and there’s no sales tax.

    Thanks, Pete

    An Important Note:

    Any kind of moisture, be it from spills, accidents or perspiration causes a mattress to wear prematurely.

    Protect your investment with high quality, Waterproof Mattress and Pillow Protectors that sleep cool and won’t shrink.

    Phone: 1-856-874-6894


    Factory Direct to You….All Items Made Factory Fresh to Fill Your Order

    Free Delivery Nationwide….US & Canada…NO SALES TAX.


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