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A Platform Bed with a High Quality Simmons Black Mattress.

Jennifer writes:

Hello Peter,

I have discovered your blog just in time.  

My husband and I are looking for an entirely new bed set-up and we need advice regarding whether to purchase a platform or conventional bed, a single mattress or mattress/box spring and, specifically, what mattress will best suit our needs.  We would appreciate your advice.

We have two key issues.  I suffer with intermittent lower back pain, which is impacted not only by the mattress I lay on but the height of the bed.  That is, it is difficult and painful to get up from a low platform bed.  That said, my preference as far as design is concerned is a platform bed.  In addition, my husband rolls over in bed causing me to awaken. In browsing in a mattress store in another town while traveling recently, we tried a mattress/box spring set that, at least momentarily, seemed to ease these problems.  It was a Simmons Beautyrest but I cannot tell you the specific model, however.  Money is not an object.  In assessing our needs, what would your advice be as to the best option for us?

Many thanks, 



Hi Jennifer,

Platform beds tend to be low. And, you have to make sure that it has all the proper center supports for the mattress.

Here is a link to the platforms beds we carry…all having the proper support.

The boxsprings for the mattresses are available in "Lo-Profile"…only about 5", instead of the standard 9". 

It sounds like you would benefit from using that boxspring with whatever platform bed you buy.

Given you back problems, I would prefer to see you in an innerspring, rather than a foam mattress. 

The "push-back" that you get from an innerspring will provide better support for your back.

A Simmons Beautyrest is an excellent choice for support that contours to the natural shape of your spine.

The Beautyrest coils move independently from one another, which is the best for reducing motion transferred from one person to the other.

The Simmons coil system use a 7" pocket that house a 9" coil. The pre-compression of the coils provide plenty of "push-back" for your spine.


Since price is not a factor, take a look at their "Black Series" model. My wife and I sleep on a Simmons Black because of our sizes.

But even if you are not heavy people, the Simmons Black line will simply last longer. The triple strand wire coils are the strongest on the market.

Here is a link to those mattresses. You'll save an additional 10% from the prices shown. Delivery is free and there's no sales tax.

Simmons Beautyrest Black

Simmons Beautyrest Black

Simmons Triple Strand Coil

Simmons Triple Strand Coil



Thanks, Pete

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