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A good firm mattress with a soft latex topper.

Grady writes:

Hi Pete,
First let me say that I feel I know more about mattresses since finding your blog yesterday than my entire life combined. You have confirmed some of my "gut" feelings mostly regarding pillow tops and their seeming uselessness versus a swappable latex topper.
So, here's my scenario. We need to get a new bed (cal king) but are on a very tight budget. I'm 6'1" 220 & my Fiance is 5' 120. I sleep mostly on my side but I'm not sure if that's just cause that's the only way I fit on my Queen, fetal position. In the past I was a back sleeper. My fiance is also a back/side sleeper. We currently have some beginning aches and pains.
I've read through quite a few of your posts and you have a couple of mattress + topper combos listed as the best, so I'm trying to figure out the right one for us. Thanks so much for all of your insight.

Hi Grady,
Happy to see you've been reading. You seem to have a good grasp of the situation. 
Keeping in mind, your tight budget, I have some good quality mattresses from Therapedic. They have no memory foam and no pillowtops. The one sided models are at a very reasonable price. The two-sided models are of the highest quality. And while more expensive than the one sided models, they are also reasonably priced...compared to any of the name brands. For your size, the latex topper does more than make for a more comfortable sleeping surface. Because it is so resilient, it will double the lifespan of any mattress used with it. These combinations provide a great night's sleep that you can rely on for many years.                                                                                            Here are the links to both lines of mattresses and to the latex toppers. Two inches of soft Talalay Latex will do a fine job. It's what we use at home.

Therapedic Two Sided Mattress

Therapedic Two Sided Mattress


Therapedic One sided Mattresses

Therapedic One sided Mattresses

Latex Mattress Topper

Latex Mattress Topper

Thanks, Pete

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