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Simmons Black or Pure Bliss Latex Mattress.


I have learned so much by reading your mattress advice blog as well as other sources of information on your website! My husband and I are in the market for a new mattress and I am hoping you can provide me with some additional insight. We currently have a 9 year old Simmons Beautyrest with a pillow top and it is no longer comfortable. I have learned from your site that this is probably due to the fact that the pillow top broke down way before the mattress, and thus we are not interested in another pillow top. I am 5'3" 110lbs and primarily a side/back sleeper. My husband is 6'2", 175, and also mostly a side/back sleeper. Full disclosure, I am currently pregnant but it is still early and not causing any sleep issues. I realize a mattress I purchase today might not feel so good in a couple months, but this is likely unavoidable and only a temporary issue.

We have visited a local Macy's and tried out several mattresses as they have one of the largest selections of brands/styles in our area. On our first visit, we tried almost every mattress in the place (with the exception of the Beautyrests due to not being overly wowed with the one we had) and ultimately thought the Stearns & Foster latex model Villa Daniella Plush and the Stearns & Foster coil model Delana Luxury Firm were the best combination of both comfort and support. However, after returning from the store and reading some more of your blog, we went back today and tried the Luxury Firm Ingrid, which I think is a step down from the Delana unless I am mistaken. What are your thoughts on the S&F latex model mentioned? Should it hold up better than the coil models? Is it a good quality latex mattress without spending significantly more money for something higher end? In terms of the two coils is the Delana Luxury Firm much better than the Ingrid/Heidi? Price isn't a major issue, although I do want to get value out of the mattress over the long term and don't want to overspend on something if it is not going to hold up. I am somewhat hesitant about going with the Ingrid as it was pretty firm and I have never used a topper before and have no idea which softness level we would want. Finally, are there any other models you think we would consider?

Thank you in advance for your assistance. One final thing, could you clarify for me what your return policy or if that is even an option with either the mattress or toppers?

Sincerely, Katherine


Hi Katherine,
It's easy to understand why a comfort exchange sounds like a plus. You're buying a blind item. The average consumer know little to nothing about these products and you rely on the salesperson's help in making a choice. Most sales people know little about the products they sell, what's inside, how it works and what it means to each individual.
So naturally, a comfort exchange sounds like a good idea. In fact, under these circumstances, you are likely to need it.
The "security blanket" feeling it provides, turns to panic when you have to use it. It's a one time exchange. It'll cost you a fee to make the exchange…and what's worse is, you are in no better position to choose the correct mattress. You'll be stuck with the next choice, of which you and your salesperson are equally uninformed. By this time you have realized that your salesperson doesn't know much more than you do and his job was purely to make a sale. (Are you beginning to imagine the feeling the panic involved in making that final choice?)
Now, let's get to the really icky part. Factories are not involved in this process. A store cannot send your mattress back to them for credit. When you buy from a store that relies on comfort exchanges to make the sale, you could easily end up with something someone else as returned.
When you buy from us, you are always assured of a freshly made mattress. We order them from the factory to fill your order. The mattress you receive was made only days before it arrives to you. We recommend products that are suited to your particular needs. Those recommendations are made by people with decades of experiences. In my case 4 decades. Believe me, it's a whole lot better to buy from someone who knows what they are doing. There's no guess work here. We have assembled an arsenal of top quality products, so that each person it properly fitted to the sleep system that is right for them.
Body weight is not an issue for the two of you, but there is a baby on the way and it would be nice to make you as comfortable as possible…even in the latter stages your pregnancy, when personal comfort is in short supply.
The reason why your Simmons Beautyrest Pillowtop lasted 9 years, is because of your size. There will be people reading this who also own a similar product, who will be wondering what you have to complain about. It other words, they don't normally last that long.
Oddly enough, the individually pocketed coil of the Simmons Beautyrest is ideal for you and your husband. Since you bought your mattress, Simmons introduced their "Black Series", which happens to be among the most durable one sided mattresses available. There is one, in particular, that provides a very nice balance of firm support and a comfortable sleeping surface.
From us, the model name is Ansleigh in the comfort choice of plush/firm. My wife and I, who are large people, have this same mattress at home. We use a 2" soft Talalay Latex topper for extra comfort…mostly to cushion my wife's sensitive hip. She says it's the best sleep she's had, her whole life.
Simmons Beautyrest Black

Simmons Beautyrest Black

In opting for latex, know that the Stearns & Foster models are a combination of synthetic latex topped with polyurethane foam. They aren't even close to the best you can buy. For that, you would opt for an all latex mattress made of natural latex. Pure LatexBLISS is now more than 60 years, the best you can buy when it comes to Talalay Latex mattresses. The "Beautiful" is their most comfortable model.
Here is our link to  that mattress.
pure LatexBLISS

pure LatexBLISS “Beautiful” Natural Talalay Latex

An all latex mattress has a unique feel…"zero Gravity" describes it best. And, it's both, comfortable and durable.
This too, would be an excellent choice.
Given the durability and comfort of these two mattresses…coupled with your body sizes, a latex topper is not necessary.


Thanks, Pete

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