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Two-sided mattress like my old Stearns & Foster, back pain.

Brandon writes:

I'm looking for a continuous coil mattress, not independent coils….and no memory foam. We slept fine on our old Stearns & Foster.
We replaced that old S&F with a Simmons Beautyrest plush pillowtop. It felt great in the store and the salesman said it would hold up well. It hasn't.
There are deep impressions on each side and we are no overweight people. I wake up with back pain every morning.
I've been to your website and have seen the Therapedic two-sided Medi-Coil models that you have mentioned in some of your answers.
Would that be what I'm looking for? What about the new S&F mattresses?
Thanks, Brandon

Hi Brandon,

You must be careful about what you ask for. The continuous coils are made by Serta…not at all like the "Bonnell Type Open Coil" unit that was in your old S&F. 
There is a huge difference between them in construction and durability.  
S&F went to an independent coil system, some years ago. They are one-sided and as of this year, all of their models have a good amount of memory foam….
…ever since they were bought out by Tempurpedic. We used to carry S&F, but don't anymore. 
The "Plush Pillowtop" Simmons, you bought, is a problem because the gauge of wire used for the coils is very thin. We carry Simmons Beautyrest on our website,
but offer none of the 'plush" models due to the problems created by that thin wire.
The Therapedic double sided Medi-Coil models use the same coil system as was used in your old Stearns & Foster.
I would suggest the "plush" model, which is cushioned with soft latex. As plush mattresses go, it isn't all that plush, so you won't have to worry about back pain.
The latex is there to make the sleeping surface more comfortable. The firm Medi-Coil model is quite firm. There is no memory foam in any of our Therapedic models.
Here is the link to those mattresses. Delivery is free and there's no sales tax.
Therapedic Two Sided Mattress

Therapedic Two Sided Mattress

Thanks, Pete

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