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The hump up the middle of a king size mattress.

Susan writes:

Hi Pete,

A few years ago, we decided to upgrade from the queen mattress we had been sleeping on, to a king.
We had recently been on vacation and slept on a king size mattress at the hotel. The extra space in the mattress was luxurious.
And so, when we got home, we went shopping.
We have been through 4 mattresses over this short period of time. Our old queen was 10 years old at the time and still in good shape.
Thank God, we moved it to the guest room and didn't get rid of it. I can't tell you how many night's we've slept on that mattress in the guest room over the past 4 years.
It isn't as soft as the king mattresses we've had, but it isn't bad, like they became.
We are debating as to what to do now. Is there a king size that doesn't sag on each side, leaving a huge hump up the middle? If so, we'd like to try again.
If not, we'll move our old queen back to our bedroom and forget the whole idea of sleeping on a king.
We are, both, of average height & weight, and in our mid fifties with no health issues to consider…just the usual aches and pains that come with age.
I've been reading your blog and I'm convinced that you have a solution for us. I would be most grateful for any advice you can offer. Susan
Hi Susan,
I can, indeed, help you…and have a couple of workable options for you.
First, an understanding of "The nature of the beast" concerning a king size mattress.
A king has two boxsprings, as you know. They run head to foot. Each boxspring has a rigid border. You then have two rigid edges running up the center of the mattress.
Also, the padding in the center of the mattress remains like new…as no one sleeps there. Thus, you have the hump up the middle and valleys on either side.
The quality of mattresses, in general, isn't very good today…unlike your 14 year old queen…purchased at a time when it was difficult to buy a bad mattress.
Today, the mattresses are one-sided and the paddings used, for the most part, aren't resilient.
Throw in the two rigid edges of the boxsprings good measure and the end result is the dramatic "King Wave" of hills and valleys.
Your queen doesn't have any memory foam and has a firmer sleeping surface than you would like. This is easily corrected. Unlike the low quality foams used in most of today's mattresses, you still have available to you "Latex Foam", which is thee most resilient and durable material on the market. Nothing new here. Latex is old technology that has no rival, and has had no rival since introduced by the mattress industry in the 1920s. And while and all latex mattress is fairly expensive, a two-inch layer added to the top of your old mattress is reasonably priced….adding a layer of long lasting comfort to your mattress that you didn't know existed. Latex retains its original shape and feel for many years.
When choosing a king mattress, employ the same logic. Start with a firmer mattress than you've been buying and add the latex topper. This will cause the padding in the mattress to wear much more slowly. However, this does not address the problem caused by the boxsprings.
Here, is where you need to think even further outside the box. 
My wife and I are large people with a king size mattress. What a king does under average weight, it does to a greater degree under heavier weight. 
We opted to not use a traditional bed frame or headboard. Instead, we turned the whole bed 1/4 turn. The boxsprings now run side to side. And, instead of supporting nothing, the rigid edges support the heaviest parts of our bodies. The sleeping surface of the mattress is a little wider and a little shorter. With both of us being a little wider and not all that tall, it works out great. After almost two years, the mattress still looks perfectly even with only a slight difference in feel at the center of the mattress.
Many of today's mattresses are pretty thick. Adding a 2" latex topper makes them a little thicker. Under usual circumstances, we often recommend using a low-profile boxspring…taking into consideration the height of a standard bed frame. But, without using a bed frame, you'll want the standard height boxspring, which will sit directly on the floor. That, with the thicker mattress and latex topper, is the perfect height.
At home, we use a Simmons Black model mattress, which we often recommend. If you would like a mattress closer in construction to your queen, we offer a number of two-sided mattresses that are made with the same old-fashioned quality as your queen.
Here are links to both types of mattresses and to our all-natural latex foam mattress toppers.    
Simmons Beautyrest Black

Simmons Beautyrest Black

Therapedic Medi-Coil Permatuft Plush with Latex Foam amttress

Therapedic Medi-Coil Permatuft Plush with Latex

Latex Mattress Topper

Latex Mattress Topper



Thanks, Pete

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1 Comment
  1. Pete
    Have tried your suggestions, lower mattered is about 1/2 thick and it will not turn in a 45 degree it is longer than it is wide and will not fit between bed frame. Any other suggestions I have a very nice less than 6mo old Restonic that has been replaced on my 3rd mattress. What kind of mattress are you offering and how muck delivered to my home (That is guaranteed not to do the same thing)?

    Please call me at 910 369 0433

    Thank you
    Phil Huffman


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