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Which Talalay latex foam topper for an old mattress?

Lydia writes:

I currently have a 20+ year old very firm Beautyrest mattress (bought directly from the plant as a previous employee) that is in good shape.  However, I am now in my late 50’s many pounds overweight with old back issues, and I have recently been experiencing pressure point issues in my shoulder as I am both a side and back sleeper.  I was thinking I needed a new mattress, but from reading your blog about the current manufacturing processes of mattresses I believe I need to purchase the Talalay latex foam mattress topper but am unsure if I should order the 1.5 or 2 inch.  Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



Hi Lydia,

For optimum pressure point relief, you'll want the 2" soft Talalay.
The 1.5" if often not enough and the 3" is often too much.
Latex Mattress Topper

Latex Mattress Topper


Thanks, Pete

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