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Old Bemco mattress needs a soft latex foam topper.

Lisa writes:

Hi Pete,
In the past 6 months I've been waking up with stiff, sore achy joints/body that I was attributing to getting older.  After going on vacation and sleeping on beds that felt much softer, I now believe the problem is a too firm mattress.  My mattress is a Bemco Posture Splendor that is 15 yrs. old but still seems in pretty good shape believe it or not. I specifically liked the feel of the Elite Sensational Pillowtop by Sealy at TI in Vegas. It truly felt like sleeping on a cloud!
Is it time for a new mattress and if so, what would you suggest?  Do you think just a latex topper would be sufficient? Also, time for a new pillow as well. I prefer a low profile pillow thats very soft and supportive, not mushy allowing your head to sink down to the mattress.  Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks, Lisa


Hi Lisa,
Buy a new mattress, and within months, you'll wish you had your old Bemco back.
Today's mattresses are built for comfort that sells…not comfort that lasts.
Add 2" of soft Talalay latex to what you have, and you'll be happy with the feel it provides…relieving all your pressure points and relaxing your muscles for a deep night's sleep.
What's more, all-natural latex is the longest lasting upholstery material on the planet.
You'll be good to go for many more years.
Those same properties apply to latex pillows…soft and resilient.
Here are links to the latex toppers and pillows. Both are on sale and will check out at 10% less than the price shown. Delivery is free and there's no sales tax.
Latex Mattress Topper

Latex Mattress Topper

Natural Talalay LatexDown Pillows

Natural Talalay LatexDown Pillow


Thanks, Pete

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