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Fibromyalgia, DDD, Osteoarthritis, Hip Back & Shoulder Pain. Which Mattress?‏

Robin writes:

I have tried an expensive firm-plush, a less expensive medium plush, and a standard firm, with eggshell toppers (since I can’t afford the high-dollar latex foam models like Talalay or even those at half their price, really), and I still wake up in awful pain.  I’m at my wits’ end.  I’m an Army veteran, and most of this stuff is service-related, but they won’t help with mattresses! lol

That said, if I’m to avoid those darned painkillers, I need some relief, and I know the right mattress  or combination will make a world of difference.  I am a female, shrinking but currently 5’5 1/2 and 230.  Do you have a recommendation for me that is affordable? I have Fibromyalgia, DDD, Osteoarthritis, Hip Back & Shoulder Pain.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Hi Robin,

Today’s mattresses are made to sell, but not to last. Add some extra body weight to any of the plusher models and you have wasted your money.

The basic principles of how to get a good night’s sleep start with firm support, which everyone’s spine needs and becomes critical when having to hold a larger person.

Your first idea was fine. Your mistake was cheaping out with the egg crate topper.

Only quality has value. Cheap junk, like poly foam and memory foam, always cost more in the long run. The only thing that works for softening the surface of a mattress is latex.

All Natural Latex does a number of things, besides providing long lasting comfort. Latex is the most resilient upholstery material available anywhere on this planet. As such, it absorbs much of your body weight. In doing so, it relieves the mattress of some of the work it would normally do. With a latex topper, your mattress will simply last a lot longer than it would with out it.

That, my dear Robin, is ultimate value for your dollar. 

Also, with so many mattresses containing memory foam and sleeping hot as a result, a layer of latex foam will insulate you from it. Latex sleeps cool…much cooler than anything else you can buy. The Latex Foam Toppers are the key to sleeping well…not just when you buy it, but for many years to come.

I do have some reasonably priced mattresses that are strong, well made and contain no memory foam.

Any of them with a 2″ latex topper will work well for you. Each is delivered free and without sales tax. Both are on-sale when you check out.

Therapedic One sided Mattresses

Therapedic One sided Mattresses

Latex Foam Mattress Topper

Latex Mattress Topper








Thanks, Pete

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