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Simmons Beautyrest Pacific 1000 Series luxury firm mattress & a Soft Latex foam topper.

Karen writes:

I'd appreciate your advice. I slept on a Simmons Beautyrest felicity pillow top in May and loved it. I went out and bought a different mattress – Black Evie luxury firm and it is too firm. One website calls the evie a medium. 🙁 I just found your website and wish I would have found it sooner or ordered the felicity.
I can exchange the Evie and I'm looking at the recharge pacific series 1000 in luxury firm, plush and pillow top. They were described by sales person as firm, medium and soft respectively. The luxury firm was too hard…kind of like the Evie. Plush seemed to be in the middle- not too hard or soft. 
They also have Pacific series is the 850 which was also pretty comfortable. But one checks it out for a few minutes, not several hours and I can't make a 2nd mistake. Is 1000 a better choice than 850?
We are both side/back sleepers under 200lbs.
Suggestion are appreciated, both with and without a topper.
Thank you, Karen


Hi Karen,

The gauge of wire used in the plush Beautyrests is much thinner than in the luxury firm. The greater depth of softness that the thinner wire produces is quite seductive.
The other thing it produces, is a mattress that loses its support, comfort and shape within months of purchase.
The reviews for Simmons are pretty bad…mostly due to so many people buying the plush models. 
If you are looking for a good night's sleep that lasts night after night, year after year, You'll want to opt for the Pacific Series 1000 in luxury firm and add to that, 2" of soft, all-natural 
Talalay Latex Foam. Together, they provide the firm support your spine needs and the soft, comfortable sleeping surface that will relieve your pressure points and relax your muscles.
It's everything you body needs to sleep well over a long period of time.
Here is the link to our World Class Annapolis Place in luxury firm…so you can see what the price should be….and a link to the latex foam toppers.

Simmons Beautyrest Annapolis Place Luxury Firm


Latex Mattress Topper


Thanks, Pete

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  1. While visiting my daughter I slept on her Beautyrest mattress , Pacific series and loved it . Would like to know where I can purchase one.

  2. Hi Peggy,

    The “Pacific Series” is a west coast name for Simmons’ World Class Series.

    You can find those on our website.

    Shown here:

    Thanks, Pete

    Important Note:

    Moisture will cause mattresses to wear out faster.

    Protect your mattress from accidents, spills & perspiration with our all natural silver infused cotton waterproof mattress & pillow protectors. They sleep cool and won’t shrink when washed in hot water.



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