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S&F Ingrid Pillowtop Clearance Mattress.

Jim writes:Discontinued Mattress Model

Hi Pete,

I have purchased and Ingrid Firm Pillowtop from a local dealer.  He delivered A Shayla which i did not like. I asked him to take it back, which he did.
After doing research i found a website that gave great specs and also stated that the Cora, Ingrid Heidi and a few others were the exact be and showed the specs to prove it.  So I asked for a Cora.
I just received a call from Danny and he says he can get a Cora/Newgate if I want and the Newgate thing is throwing me off.
In your opinion is the CORA NewGate the same as the Ingrid in the firm pillowtop.??
Also if you can share any website that are useful in doing any further research on the bed series investigations.
This has been a very interesting experience but I REALLY appreciate your knowledge and friendly help.
Thank You, Jim

Hi Jim,

First off, you are NOT buying a new mattress.
I know this because the Cora, which is a newer version of the Newgate, come from one store and the Ingrid, (The same mattress with a different name), comes from another store.
The only way these two mattresses end up at the same store, is after they have been returned to the factory for credit.
The factory takes all of their returned mattresses, loads them on a trailer and sells them for pennies on the dollar as “Salvage” bedding, by the truckload,
to stores that sell these returned products.
These stores usually appear to be a “Clearance Center” of some sort….leading you to believe that they sell 1st quality products at a discount.
The only way a factory takes back a mattress from a retailer and issues credit for it, is if the mattress has been deemed defective in some way.
There is no way for the store that buys these truckloads to know why they were returned. The defect could be minor or major.
Typically, they are unloaded and examined. They get a higher price for the ones that look the best…but, they can’t look inside.
In January of this year, S&F introduced a new line. All of the models you mentioned are from the old line….everyone is now a discontinued model.
What you are considering buying will come with NO Manufacturer’s Warranty….The true definition of “A crap shoot”.
Now, there’s nothing wrong with buying such a mattress if you know what to look for…like weak spots…and, if you’re getting it for a song.
The Heidi, Cora, Newgate, Ingrid in luxury firm without the pillowtop was a good choice when new. The pillowtop part would have been the first thing to lose its support.
Whatever you do, be extremely careful.

Thanks, Pete

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