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What’s the best mattress for a child?‏

Miriam writes:

Hi Pete,

I’ve been reading your blog and I thank you for all of the information you provide.

But still, I’m in a quandary as to what yo buy for my children. I have a young son (3) just about to go into a regular size mattress.

And, I have a daughter (10) who is outgrowing her twin size and now needs a full.

I’ve seen you recommend the Simmons Beautyrest Flatbrook, which contains memory foam…and I’ve read how dangerous memory foam is.

I certainly don’t want to introduce any toxins into my children’s bedrooms. 

Can you help me make sense of all of this? Thanks, Miriam


Hi Miriam,

Excellent questions.

The memory foam that Simmons uses, is a bit different than the memory foam I rail against….in that is is far less temperature sensitive and much more durable than regular memory foam.

For instance…we’ve all seen the commercials for memory foam where a hand is pressed into the foam and then removed….and an imprint of the hand remains.

With Simmons’ memory foam, when you press your hand into it and remove it, the foam returns immediately. 

That is not to claim that it is 100% safe. It’s still memory foam and there are chemicals involved in making it.

However, I don’t hear complaints about the odor from chemical off-gassing, like you hear about regular memory foam.

In fact, my wife and I sleep on a Simmons Beautyrest and even when it was new, there was no detectable odor.


Most people, in this economy, have to watch what they spend.

The individually pocketed coils of the Simmons Beautyrest are unique in the industry…with each coil moving independently from one another.

This independent movement of the coils is key to the contouring support it provides…maintaining the natural alignment of the spine…which continually adjusts as the child grows.

The benefit at that cost, can’t be had with any other type of mattress.

Classic Beautyrest Models Shown Here:

Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Classic

Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Classic

For a small child, the Flatbrook in luxury firm is all you need, as the body weight is very low and will remain so for the next 10 years, or so….making this mattress an excellent value.

If buying for an older child, who has or is about to reach puberty, we suggest adding an all-natural Latex Foam Mattress Topper….Shown Here:

Latex Foam Mattress Topper

Latex Mattress Topper

The latex topper is thee most resilient upholstery material on the planet. It will add surface comfort and also absorb much, if not all of the child’s body weight.

The extra comfort it provides is especially important to females who are taking adult shape…relieving the pressure point at the hip.

The extra durability it provides is important to older male children who will soon be taking on a lot of weight.

For those who’s funds are not limited, there is an all natural, chemical free option…an all latex mattress.

An all latex mattress can be extremely expensive. However, there is a 6″ Dunlop latex model that is perfect for this use, and not nearly as expensive as most.

The quality, comfort and durability of latex is well documented over the nearly 100 years that it’s been available.

This mattress can be bought at a young age, last all through the growing years, taken to college, and used in their first apartment…later to be used in the spare room.

It’s that good….and, a great value considering its longevity.

Latex, also, will provide the contouring support that the Beautyrest does and provide the same benefit of maintaining the natural alignment of the spine…and, with zero chemicals to worry about. If you’re concerned about toxic chemical off-gassing, all-natural latex is definitely the 1st, best and only long term solution

That Mattress Shown Here:

EverEden latex mattress

EverEden 6″ All Natural Latex Mattress

As with all of our products, delivery is free and there’s no sales tax…throughout the US and Canada

Natura Latex Mattress

Natura Latex Mattress – Canada Delivery Only

Thanks, Pete

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