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Which pillow for severe neck pain?‏

Jean writes:

Hi Pete,

I have severe neck pain, like all the time. I’ve tried countless types of pillows, which help some for a while then too quickly lose their oomph…and the pain returns.
Is there a pillow that will work and not poop out?
Thanks, Jean
Hi Jean,
Until last January, I wouldn’t have thought so.
I suffer from severe arthritis on one side of my neck, which causes constant pain. I too have tried many types of pillows….even memory foam, out of shear desperation.
Like you, nothing worked for long. Even the latex pillows we’d been carrying didn’t do much to relieve the pain…even though the latex does not lose its shape.
In January, I went to to the furniture show in Las Vegas. One of my vendors, pure LatexBLISS, was introducing a new pillow made of finely chopped latex, which they call “Latex/Down”.
It has the durability of latex and the feel of a down pillow.
Down pillows, (made of feathers), was always the best at relieving the pain, but the worst at keeping its shape.
This pillow does both…easily mold around you, filling in all the gaps…with the durability that only latex has.
I was given two pillows at the show and have been using one since then. My wife uses the other, who also has neck issues…albeit a different problem than mine.
I kid you not, I have been living without pain ever since. We have been recommending this pillow to all of my friends and customers who suffer with neck pain…and all with the same result….long lasting relief from the pain. My kidneys are happy without all the aspirin I used to take.
Here is a link to a pillow that works like a charm….The Latex/Down Pillow from pure LatexBLISS.
Natural Talalay LatexDown Pillows

Natural Talalay LatexDown Pillow

Thanks, Pete

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