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Simmons Beautyrest Next Generation Hybrid 300 Mattress?‏

Lynne writes:

Hi Pete,

I have a very old mattress that need replacing.  I am looking at the Beautyrest Next Generation Hybrid 300 firm mattress.  Is this a good choice?
Thanks for your help.
Hi Lynne,
Your mattress lasted a good long time because beds were made a whole lot better then.
Your mattress has no memory foam, which is the key component in most of today’s mattresses.
Memory foam is in so many mattresses because it feels so good.
However, memory is good only for making the sale. Beyond that, it isn’t worth a damn.
Besides not wearing well, it has a myriad of other problems…negative physical effects to the toxic chemicals from which it’s made, being the worst of them. Sleeping hot is the most common problem.
Short answer? No.
Hi Pete,
Thanks for your very speedy response!
I’ve read enough of your advice to know that you recommend the Beautyrest Black Ava luxury firm mattress with a latex cover for comfort for heavier folks.
I believe you said this is the Beautyrest Edenton (at Macy’s).  I would like to spend less than $2000.00 for a mattress.  Do I have any other options?
Thank you for your wisdom.
Hi Lynne,
I’ll need to know the heights and weights of everyone using the mattress.
Does anyone have any physical ailments that need to be addressed?
What are your usual sleeping positions?
What are you sleeping on now?
Hi Pete,
It’s just me – 5’5 200+ (and my cat)
No physical ailments
I sleep on my back and side.
I think my current mattress may be a Beautyrest.  I didn’t buy it and it’s so old the label is worn off.
Hi Lynne,
The Beautyrest World Class Annapolis Place in Firm and a 2″ layer of soft Talalay latex to go on it would fall within your price range….and be an excellent choice for you.
Here are the links to those items.
Simmons Beautyrest Annapolis Place Luxury Firm

Simmons Beautyrest Annapolis Place Luxury Firm

Latex Foam Mattress Topper

Latex Mattress Topper

Thanks, Pete

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  1. I am trying to decide between Serta i series Vantage Plus or firm versus Recharge Beauty Rest Next Generation Hybrid 300? What is your opinion?

  2. Hi Kent,
    When it comes to value and performance, I don’t care for either one.
    Memory foam feels wonderful when new and loses it’s support and comfort in short order.
    Also, memory foam is made from a chemical soup. It off-gasses the toxic chemicals from which it’s made, which affects your respiratory system.
    You will endanger every living being in your home with the fumes.
    You can’t simply go out and buy a mattress these days. There are many dangers from poorly made products that are designed to sell and not last.
    The warranties are worthless, as memory foam will always return to its original shape when you get off of it…
    …or close enough to it, that you will never prevail in a warranty claim.
    Consumers, who does not educate themselves, are doomed to buy something that needs frequent replacing.
    Consumer Reports is no help in this matter. They are using antiquated machines to test mattresses for their pressure sensitivity.
    However, memory foam is a temperature sensitive material….negating CR’s conclusions.
    A couple of years ago, CR issued a mattress edition where they said that the mattress industry was far too complex for them to understand…and offered no recommendations.
    THAT, was the last truth that has come from CR on the subject. They still don’t get it.

    Thanks, Pete

  3. Hi Pete,
    What is your opinion of the second layer of coils in Beautyrest? Does that make any difference, and is it worth? Also, we were at Macys, and we really liked their Beautyrest next gen recharge hybrid 450 cushion firm, but the memory foam scares us. What’s most similar to this in the Recharge line?

    Finally, I was on the Simmons website, and their Recharge line has “Aircool” and “Gel touch” foam? These are OK, unlike memory foam? I’m confused why your recharge beds don’t have memory foams in them?


  4. Hi Michael,
    That second layers of coils in the Beautyrest mattresses are only 1.5″ tall.

    They have offered this technology, off and on, over the last 30 years.

    It does make the mattress more comfortable initially, but does nothing for the longevity.

    I’ve always viewed it as one of those gimmicky things, for which the mattress industry is famous.

    Ever since they reduced the over-all quality by making one sided mattresses, they’ve been selling BS and doing a good job of making it sound like it was worth something.

    Memory foam is a terrible product….the worst thing ever invented for use in a mattress.

    Besides not performing anywhere near what is said about it, it’s a health hazard….off gassing the toxic chemicals from which it’s made.

    A few years ago, Simmons introduced what they originally called, “Next Generation” memory foam.

    It is far less tempertaure sensitive and much more resilient than regular memory foam. They felt they needed to change the name of it and have done so a couple of times.

    “Air Cool” is the name they are using now.

    When it was first introduced, it drew my interested. It was clearly different than the junk memory foam that everyone else was using. When you press your hand into it and then remove your hand, there is no residual hand print left in the foam. It responds immediately, unlike regular memory foam.

    I remember the first time I saw the adds for memory foam, some 20 years ago, where the foam did not recover and the hand print remained. My first thought was, “Who, in their right mind, would think that’s a good idea?”. Well, I have to say, they’ve done a good job of marketing that garbage. Of course, they never mention the toxic chemical soup from which it’s made, nor did they mention that it sleeps hot, nor did they mention that it doesn’t last very long.

    Anyway, I was intrigued by Simmons (NxG) next generation memory foam enough to buy one.

    We have been using a Simmons Beautyrest Black Mattress for the past 3.5 years. When it arrived, it did not have an odor, did not sleep hot, and we felt no ill effects from using it.

    And while I would not claim that Simmons memory foam is safe, It is far less objectionable than regular memory foam.

    The important feature of the Simmons Beautyrest is their individually pocketed coil system, which is quite a bit different than the other pocketed coils systems that tried to copy it.

    The Simmons coils are precompressed, (a 9″ coil in a 7″ pocket), and the coils move independently from the surrounding coils…also unlike the copiers.

    The Simmons Beautyrest coil system was introduced in the 1920s.

    And, while the padding used is better than most others, memory foam is not a long last product.

    To counter this, we added a 2″ soft layer of latex to one of their luxury firm mattresses. The latex topper, we had from our previous mattress.

    Now, with the topper @ 6+ years of age and the mattress @ 3.5 years, and with my wife and I, each in the 220 pound range, both products are still in like new condition.

    My wife claims that it is the most comfortable be she has ever had.

    The Latex foam mattress topper is the saving grace. Latex is the highest quality upholstery material anywhere and has been so since the 1920s, when it was first introduced.

    It’s comfort is unique. “Zero Gravity” best describes it. It is also thee most resilient, as it is made of all natural rubber…no chemicals, no fillers, no synthetics.

    And, it sleeps cool…naturally.

    While we do carry the three, (soon to be four), Beutyrest lines. we do not carry their hybrid or Comforpedic lines. These line use far too much memory foam.

    For average weight adults, we recommend the starting model in their World Class line…in either firm or luxury firm….and, a 2″ soft Talalay Latex topper to go with it.

    They money you save by not buying their high end model with the mini coils you’ll put toward the latex topper…which will do a much better job of providing both, comfort & Longevity.

    The mattress model name is “Annapolis Place”.

    Here are links to those mattresses and to the latex toppers. Deliver is free and there’s no sales tax.

    If you are heavier, over 200 pounds, then the Simmons Beautyrest Black Alexia or Ava would be your better choices….also using a latex mattress topper.

    Shown here:

    Thanks, Pete

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