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FIRM mattress for large people on an adjustable bed base.

Melissa writes:

Hoping for some help before we make another expensive mistake.

My husband and I are both tall and large build individuals.  Two years ago my L5/S1 disc ruptured with surgery to follow.  We currently have an expensive bed that is WAY too soft purchased prior to surgery when just the wind blowing caused extreme pain in my back and leg.

We now need a VERY FIRM QUEEN size mattress that WILL WORK WITH AN ADJUSTABLE BASE.  We need to continue using an adjustable base as I often need to elevate my legs to relieve pressure on my back.

We have an adjustable base that we will use with the new mattress and cannot afford a new base (unless absolutely required for the new mattress) and need to keep a queen size due to room dimensions.

We are pretty much desperate.  My husband has begun sleeping on the floor due to our mattress being too soft and I equally feel like I’m ‘drowning’ as it’s too soft.

Multiple recommendations (rated in order of preference) would be the most beneficial in case we have difficulty locating the recommended mattresses.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and help,


Hi Melissa,

How did turning the mattress over work for you?

Hi Pete,

From what we could tell, about the same, but thanks for the suggestion.   We’re looking forward to learning your other suggestions.  Thank you, Melissa

Hi Melissa,

I was hoping that would help enough that all you might need is a firm latex topper…much less expensive than a new mattress.
There are two good firm mattresses I have that will work with an adjustable bed and be strong enough for large people.
They are both Simmons Beautyrests. One is a World Class model, the Dartmouth Drive in what they call “Ultimate Firm”…
…and, the Black Alexia in Extra Firm. 
Here are the links to both mattresses.
Simmons Beautyrest Dartmouth Drive Ultimate Firm

Simmons Beautyrest Dartmouth Drive Ultimate Firm

Simmons Beautyrest Black Alexia Extra Firm Mattress

Simmons Beautyrest Black Alexia Extra Firm

Thanks, Pete

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