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Toddler Bed Mattress going to Canada.

Sheryl writes:

I’ve been reading and researching for days now trying to find a decent mattress for my 2 year old. We are buying a double (full) size mattress. I appreciate your honesty and knowledge in your answers to people’s questions.  I’m pretty sure I’ve decided on the Classic Beautyrest by Simmons – Flatbrook Model in Luxury Firm. Only thing is, in Canada, I’m not sure it’s the same name? Where I live, we don’t have a lot of shopping options…Sears, The Brick, and other local furniture stores.  I’m not able to find this model online. Can you tell me what I should ask when I go in store? I’ve found this which is the closest I can seem to get…  Please advise! I wish you shipped to Canada!
Thanks so much! Sheryl
Hi Sheryl,

A mattress is a pressure sensitive product. That is to say, the wear it will show is in direct relation to the pressure placed upon it.
At 2 years of age, that pressure would be negligible, and won’t begin to become substantial until after puberty.
Here is a link to the appropriate mattress from that store for your little one. There’s no need to spend a lot.
In about 10 years, add a latex topper for more comfort and to extend the life of the mattress into adulthood.
Shown here:

Natura Ultimate Latex Mattress Topper

Natura Ultimate Latex Mattress Topper

Natura Snuggletop Latex Mattress Topper

Natura Snuggletop Latex Mattress Topper











Thanks, Pete

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